Insights From Hiring Real Estate Photographers

August 28th, 2008

Because there have been several times this year that I couldn’t get up to Issaquah to shoot my wife Levi’s listings, Levi hired various real estate photographers in the Seattle area too shoot some of her listings. Being able to observe the whole process of hiring and getting results from real estate photographers from the receiving end of the process has been very insightful for me.

One thing I learned from seeing how different real estate photographers deliver photos is that is in my opinion a best-in-class photo delivery mechanism. I’ve used before and even did a post on it back in June of this year but it really didn’t sink-in how fantastic this service was for photo delivery until I experienced it on the receiving end. Here’s why I think is so great for this purpose:

  1. You can send a client a simple link to a folder to the photos being delivered. No passwords to remember, just a simple link for the client to click to see a folder of thumbnails with filenames.
  2. With one click you can download the whole folder of files as a zip file.
  3. If you like you can browse through the photos, click on any one and view as larger file, and download any single file.
  4. Photos are a breeze to upload.
  5. You get a 1 gig account for free, $7.95/mo for 5 gig and larger accounts available.
  6. makes the whole delivery process look and work very professional. It makes you look good!

If you do a lot of shoots you would probably need a 5 gig or larger account but if you are just starting out a free 1 gig account is fine for several shoots a week. If you deliver photos to clients you need to look at this service!

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23 Responses to “Insights From Hiring Real Estate Photographers”

  • Larry, Thanks for the great info. I haven’t heard of yet. but it looks like something I could definitely use in my real estate shoots as well as others. Thanks!

  • Ummm….Levi has not called ME!

    What gives?

  • Aaron- She will get to you- be patient:) The list of Seattle RE photographers is long.

  • I agree with you about It’s realiable and easy to use and more important it’s fast. It will send a link to clients and I haven’t had any not be able to retrieve their photos.

  • And don’t forget about me!!! I’ve been useing for a long time.

  • Larry:

    Thanks for posting. I am looking into photo delivery sites right now. Great timing as I was not aware of this one yet! Will check it out tonight.

  •’s the best! i’ve used it since you recommended it some while back. my clients seem to like it, it’s very practical and the good thing is the pictures don’t loose any quality during the upload/download. you can send a link right from the page, or from your email. aaand, anytime you don’t want to share your pics you can click on that option and only you’ll be able to see them. it’s very versatile. again, thanks for the recommendation!

  • What are the major advantages of using over using something like flickr? In my experience its very easy to upload to flickr. But maybe its not so wonderful on the download side? I’d like to see virtual tour hosing services offer this service. After all, they have all the photos. Why not provide a download link and eliminate the thrid party? Simple works best.

  • @ Mike – one [major/dealbreaker] reason to not use Flickr is that commercial use is a violation of their TOS 😉

  • Someone can give a link to photographies?? , so i can figure out how it is presented,,,


  • thanks Larry for this great article!

  • I am going to dig into this more, but do you control when they are able to download the photos? For instance, as I am currently starting to take senior pictures, I’d like to be able to put them up there for proofs, but not download until we settle on which ones are being purchased.

  • Scott,
    There are many MLS shots posted on Flickr by this groop and more for various reason that come soooo close to commercial. Putting them up there for a short time for distrubution seems safer that posting MLS shots asking for member comments for improvement. If the later isn’t commercial, than I need more training.

  • I have been using Mail Big File which seems similar to My customers have been happy with it and so have I.

  • Mike — posting images for critical review is not commercial.

    Posting images for sale or license is commercial. Portfolio use is non-commercial – otherwise you’d need a property release to ever show anyone your images.

    But using Flickr as a delivery method when you’re being paid – that is very clearly a violation of the TOS. No question.

    It’s also tacky, tacky, tacky — no one is going to take a photographer seriously if s/he uses Flickr/Smugmug/etc. instead of a more professional delivery method.
    A bit like going to a 3-star restaurant and discovering that the coffee is Folger’s Crystals…

  • What’s wrong with Folger’s Crystals?

  • They taste only remotely like coffee!

  • If you use the single link method – can others see the photos? Can others down load them?

  • I just tried and it seems like the end user (i.e. Realtor) has to sign up for a paid account to be able to download the entire folder regardless of what type of an account I have. Has anyone else found this to be the case?

  • Douglas- No this is NOT the case. You can send a collaboration link to anyone.

  • Why not just upload images to your own website and send links to your customers? I don’t understand the benefits other then a little time.

    Heck you can even do it within Photoshop.

  • is useless to me because no one I know will want to bother signing on to yet another internet site even to share or view files.

    Good idea otherwise.

  • Has anyone tried I understand they have a plug in application for Lightroom PC version?

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