Photography For Real Estate E-book Improvements Coming

August 26th, 2008

I’ve been working hard this summer on the second edition of my Photography For Real Estate e-book. I’m going to make several improvements in both the content and the way I distribute this e-book:

  1. I’m going to give everyone that has purchased this e-book free updates to the electronic version. There may eventually be a hard copy version of Photography For Real Estate that would be sold separately in the old-fashion book channels.
  2. Based on several recommendations from designers I’ve moved the book to Adobe InDesign and made several improvements in the design of the book. InDesign gives you wonderful control of all aspects of layout and type setting. It’s been a steep learning curve to learn InDesign.
  3. I’m doing extensive updates to the camera selection chapter and lighting chapter.
  4. I’ve already completed a chapter on shooting and processing 360 images and a chapter on pole aerial photography (PAP).
  5. I’m going to do a chapter on HDR and Exposure Fusion, and a chapter on post processing workflow with Lightroom.

Because the distribution/ordering site that I use ( has the ability to send upgrades to all purchasers of the book I’m going to do periodic updates to the book; just like software updates. The first e-book update will be sometime in the next two months.

These changes also involve two price changes that will be effective Sept 1:

  1. I’m increasing the price of the e-book to $35 since these changes are going to more than double the book’s content.
  2. I going to offer a reduced price of $64 to those that purchase both of my e-books (Photography For Real Estate and The  Business of Real Estate Photography) as a bundle for a savings of $10.95 over the regular price.

For the next 7 days the price will remain at the introductory low price of $15. A Realtor told me recently that there is someone out there selling a similar book to mine for $249 but she thinks my book Photography For Real Estate is significantly better.

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18 Responses to “Photography For Real Estate E-book Improvements Coming”

  • I bought a copy of this e-book a couple of months ago via your online payment system. How will I be notified about the availability (and download process) for the new edition when it’s ready?

    I’m also very near buying your business e-book as well. Will the same upgrade offer extend to it when updates occur?

    Great resource for beginners. Thanks.

  • M- The way update distribution will work is that when I do an update you will get a new download link for the update, sent to the same e-mail address that you used to purchase the book with. As with the original download link, the update link will work for a limited amount of time and number of retries.

    Yes, I’ll intend to do the same free upgrade process with the Business of Real Estate Photography too. Although, I have my plate full updating the PFRE e-book so I won’t get to updates on BoREP book until early next year.

  • I got both of your ebooks a couple of months ago, and have learned a lot. I really look forward to the update on the Photography for Real Estate update.

  • Buying this has been on my to do list for this week. You lit a fire under me to do it today – thanks.

  • so when/where can we buy it? i would love both!

  • ok , just saw the link at the top of the pg!

  • I am living in the netherlands (europe). How usefull will the businessbook for me? Do you describe only the US-situation?
    Kind regards

  • Larry- looking forward to the updates (to both versions when you get to them). My printed versions are dogeared from re-reading!

  • John-
    The Business for Real Estate Photography e-book sells well in AU, NZ, US, CA & GB but I have yet to sell any in EU. Other than being written in English I believe there is very little if anything in the book that is country specific. However, I’d be happy to give away a copy to the first person in each country not on the above list that would like a copy to verify it’s applicability in their country as long as they promise to give me their feedback.

  • Larry, for those of us who already own the Photog. for RE e-book, might you have a discount on the purchase of your second book, The Business of RE Photography? I ask because you mentioned a discount to those who buy both books.

    Thank you.

  • Peter- That’s a good idea. I’ll investigate the discount code feature that my book distribution site has to see if I can make that work. If I get that to work I’ll send everyone that has purchased the Photography For Real Estate e-book a discount code for the Business of Real Estate Photography book.

  • Peter & all- I’ve done some research and to be able to offer a discount on products I have to do some work and build a shopping cart page where discounts can be entered. This will take me a few days. I’ll build a cart page in the next week so I can offer periodic discounts.

  • If I have already purchased the book how do I get the download for the free update?

  • Drew- When I get the update finished I will send all past purchasers of the book a download link for the update. The e-mail will go to the email address you used to purchase the book. And the email will come from … make sure I’m on your “white-list” so it doesn’t get taken out by your Spam filter.

  • Larry – This is a very fine book and I have recommended it to several photographers. I am looking forward to getting the update when ready.

  • Larry, I too purchased the original at $15. I seem to remember you mentioning in a post that upgrades to your new edition would be at no cost to those that purchased the original. Does that still apply and if so, where can I get the upgrade? Thanks.

  • David- Yup. Still true. all purchasers will get a new download link on the same e-mail address they used to purchase the book as soon as I get it finished. My editor and I are working hard on it. My target is currently middle of Oct.

  • Hi Larry, I will be starting a real estate career next week and
    would like to know if your comment “However, I’d be happy to give away a copy to the first person in each country not on the above list that would like a copy to verify it’s applicability in their country as long as they promise to give me their feedback.” is still applicable today. Will your book show me how to take the best photos of properties? regards Amanda

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