News Links Of Interest to Real Estate Photographers

August 17th, 2008

Here are some recent news links of interest to real estate photographers:

I also want to point out the new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that I added to the top links along the top of the blog header image. I get a lot of questions that are covered on the blog and I thought I’d use this page to point out features of this blog and where to find answers. There are over 430 posts on the blog as well as many pages that don’t show as links on the top of the page. It’s getting so even I have trouble finding stuff so I thought a FAQ would be a good way of indexing the important parts of this site. I’ll be adding to this FAQ in the future.

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3 Responses to “News Links Of Interest to Real Estate Photographers”

  • That’s very interesting, I did the same thing to a pool cleaning pole just two months ago. I bought the pole ten years ago to hold a muslin background for photography high school senior portraits and elementary groups. What I like about the pool pole is it’s three sections and extends 15 feet, I can keep the pole firmly on the ground for support. I used the ball head from my Bogan mono pod.

    I use my Sony DSLR A300 on it. The A300 has a movable live view LCD screen, with a Delkin hood attached, I can tilt down to line up the camera, even when it’s at 12 feet or so. I use a Cactus RF wireless shutter release I got from The whole system works great!

  • Larry, here is a link for a sunrise – sunset calendar.
    It also includes set up for twilight times, moon rise, set and phases. Also it can be printed out for months or years ahead.

  • Sorry, this is the correct link.
    That’s what I get for talking on the phone at the same times as copying a link!

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