New Contender For A Canon G9 Pole Camera

August 13th, 2008

Yesterday I was standing in a line (with my G9 in my pocket) listening to a recent TWIP podcast in which Alex Lindsay and Stu Maschwitz were talking about the two latest G9 contenders just announced. I’ll spare you another rant about my Canon G9 but a fact that hasn’t escaped camera manufacturers is that the G9 hugely popular because it is less than $500 and has big-boy camera features (like RAW, IS lens and high ISOs etc) yet it fits in your pocket.

The big news is that the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 looks like it (available in Sept 08) has everything the G9 has plus a 24mm f 2.0 Leica lens. Wow!

The reason I bring this up is I’ve talked to several people that are eying the Canon G9 as a potential PAP (Pole Aerial Photography) camera. Only problem with the G9 as a PAP camera is that without a converter it’s widest angle is 35mm and you’d like to have something a bit wider, like 24mm. This Lumix LX3 looks like the perfect pole camera.

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15 Responses to “New Contender For A Canon G9 Pole Camera”

  • Oh yes, I too have been eyeing the LX3 for those very reasons. I know I can use the G9 as a PAP camera. I’m not so sure about the LX3 and its compatibility with remote shutter release. I would love to hear what you might know about that. And by the way, you must have some pretty big pockets to stuff a G9 in them.

  • Lee- I find that it is so easy to get good shots without any remote shutter release or remote viewing screen etc. I just use an interval timer as I describe in:

    I wear 511 tactical pants-

    So I can even put my 1Ds in my pocket:)

  • I have been using a Nikon Coolpix 8400 on my pole for almost three years, for similar reasons; shoots RAW and goes to 24mm.
    (Most point & wait cameras only go out to 35mm).

    I did find however, that 24mm wasn’t always wide enough, and had to get the x 0.75 wide angle adapter. The genuine Nikon adapter is quite solid and adds 350grams of weight. You can get cheap and nasty w/a adapters off eBay, but the optical quality is awful.

  • A lot of these cameras lack the ISO dial on top of the camera. This is a feature I love on my G9. Nice to see some options for inexpensive cameras with pro features.

  • Adam- I believe that I read some where that you can put a w/a adapter on the LX3 although I doubt it is the quality of the built-in Leica lens.

  • Larry,
    I can’t find an on-line manual for this camera. Does it give me up to 30 seconds delay time to get my pole up before it trips? Once up, does it take a burst of at least 5 shots? Does it do all this with very loud sound effects (i.e., so I don’t have to guess when things are complete)? My little Canon does all this but not RAW and not 24mm.

  • My Ricoh GX100 has intervalometer, shoots RAW, has 10mpixel and has 24mm equiv, and a 19 mm adapter. The new GX200 is an upgrade, but I find the 100 a fantastic pole cam. It’s small and light, and fits in a pocket. A totally underrated camrea, although I believe Ricohs are not popular in the USA. ( I’m downunedr in Oz)

  • Excuse spelling mistakes above- the intervalometer on the GX100 allows the camera to take a series of shots as close as five seconds apart- set it going, hoist the pole up, wave it around for a minute or so in the general direction – you soon get the hang of it- , pull it down, and you’ll have at least one great shot! Couple with the 19 mm equiv adapter, and it’s a no-brainer. Beautifully made, high quality images, RAW availability, and I don’t work for Ricoh!!

  • Mike- Only info I have is from it’s not even on the market until sometime in Sept.

    Bruce- Yes, I’ve heard about the Ricoh GX100, that’s one of the point and shoots that Sabrina Huang has in her list that I referred to in my last point-and-shoot post:

  • I’ve seen several articles that say it also has an 18mm converter for it as well. But I have no idea how good that lens is.

    Here’s a couple articles I’ve seen on it….

  • The problem with the Lumix is the same problem with the majority of the new P&S…no flipping viewfinder. granted the G9’s is not accurate but it is there to use. i had a nikon 8400..bought in brand new in a wolf camera store..they apologized because it was “old technology” and sold it to me for $285.00..took perfect pictures but i dropped it and the AF is trashed and nobody to fix it.

    so for now, i will stick with the canon G9 (aka Leica light) and old fashioned side grip for my travel camera and a sony DSC R! (10.2 mb with Zeiss 24-120mm for my large landscape pictures while my 20D sits in my bag losing value each day.

  • Do you think the micro four thirds technology will work well for PAP? I thought so when micro four thirds was announced, but now seeing the Lumix G1, it might be the best option for PAP.

  • Larry,
    The biggest flaw is that it doesn’t have an up to 30 second delay timer. I can’t get my pole up in less than that.

  • Mike- Yes it does. I have the manual sitting in front of me (pg 76) delay timer is 10, 15, 20, 30 sec.

  • I have recently adapted a Panasonic LX3 to take photographs from a handheld 10-meter pole using a home built interval timer that repeats every 10 seconds. I really like the camera and its performance from the pole.

    You can find details at:

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