Meet PFRE Idol- Phil Scott

August 7th, 2008

Phil Scott
of New Canaan, CT is the second winner of the PFRE Idol award for this month. The photo above is Phil’s front-shot that he submitted for the contest. For a front-shot it think it is a particularly striking image. It helps that this property is a striking property elevated above the surroundings but I think Phil has nicely captured and refined the image to give it a crisp attention grabbing punch. If you look through Phil’s portfolio you will notice that his images all have this same crisp, punch.

Here is what Phil says about his background and real estate photography business:

I suppose I am pretty much self-taught over the years, but have had some great teachers along the way. In 7th grade there was a camera shop within walking distance of our school, and I used to sneak down there to watch the owner, Bob Swartz, make prints in his basement. He eventually sold me a Beseler enlarger and a set of Polycontrast filters, and my parents’ basement smelled of fixer for the next five years. More recently I have had the good fortune to attend workshops and seminars with Joe McNally, David Hobby, Laurie Excel, Scott Kelby and others. When it comes to camera books, videos and workshops I can’t get enough.

My first SLR camera was a Minolta SRT-101 with a needle meter, but soon the LEDs in the XG-7 replaced that. I went through a lot of Minolta film cameras including the 500si, 700si, and finally the Minolta Maxxum 7, which I still treasure but rarely shoot. When digital came along I jumped in with a Casio that shot 640×480 shots, then a 2 megapixel Kodak and graduated to Canon point and shoots, and even tried the Minolta Dimage 7.

When Nikon launched the D100 and the SB-80DX, I became a Nikon shooter and I continue to use Nikon and Sigma glass on the D300 and D200 that I shoot now. I also use the Canon Powershot G9, and shoot exclusively RAW for the last three years on all three cameras. A lot of what I shoot, especially in landscapes, is shot in 5 or 7 bracketed frames and tone-mapped in Photomatix.. Thank goodness the Drobo came along!

After 23+ years in sales and management in the networking technology business, I have taken time out for myself to build a photography business. I am based in New Canaan, CT, just 35 miles above New York City, near the coast in Fairfield County. I offer my clients waterfront shooting from a boat in Westport,CT and have done some aerial shooting. I’m focused on architecture and real estate, but shoot portraits and sports as well. For my Real Estate work, I use mostly the D300 with the Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 EX lens and the Nikon 17-55mm F/2.8 as well as the Nikon 10.5mm F/2.8. My favorite piece of gear is the Really Right Stuff BH-55- a true thing of beauty. For lighting I use 3 Nikon SB-800s, white umbrellas and 4 PocketWizard IIs when I can’t get by with Nikon CLS signaling. Thanks to David Hobby at

Many thanks must go to and for the great and supportive community that is always buzzing with help and support at the PFRE flickr group.

To see more of my Real Estate and Architecture work you can go to my site at: For a broader look at what I shoot see my smugmug site.

Congratulations Phil, keep up the great work!

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2 Responses to “Meet PFRE Idol- Phil Scott”

  • Congrats Phil! Hope people also look at your castle images to understand just how good you are!

  • I enjoyed the pleasure of Phil’s company as we toured Scotland and he shot magnificent photos of castles and countryside. What a technician, and what an eye. Congrats on the great shots Phil.

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