Lightroom 2 – First Impressions

July 30th, 2008

I upgraded to Lightroom 2 yesterday like the photo-editing geek I am. I can’t resist a new version of Photoshop or Lightroom.

The upgrade was fast and painless for me. Lightroom 2 rebuilds  existing catalogs. It is now more drive aware, allowing a catalog to have photos on multiple drives. I like this feature since I only keep the current years photos on my laptop and all previous years photos on other drives.

There are many significant new features. Probably the most authoritative list is Tom Hogarty’s list at lightroom journal.   Here are my favorites after just a short time working with the new features:

  1. This version feels faster to me (on my Macbook Pro) when accessing the catalog.
  2. There is now tighter integration with Photoshop. It doesn’t write intermediate files so editing in Photoshop is much faster than previous versions.
  3. The Localized Correction feature is awesome! Much like the U-point technology in Viveza. It allows you to change exposure, brightness, clarity and color locally around selected points. This feature to me is worth the whole price of the upgrade since Viveza costs several times the price of this upgrade.
  4. The Graduated Filter feature allows you to create the effect of a graduated neutral density filter, move it around and change the graduation characteristics.
  5. There are many organizational improvements in the library module involving Folders, Collections, Smart collections and Filters.

Some features like multiple monitors and improved print module, I haven’t even tried yet. At this point with cursory use, I think this upgrade is well worth the speed improvements and added features.

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9 Responses to “Lightroom 2 – First Impressions”

  • I got it too, although I very seldom have used Lightroom in the past because I have not taken the time to learn another program as well as I have PS. I’ll play around with it some more. I have a feeling this will be a preview of some of the features we will get in Photoshop CS4.

  • Just played a bit with it. And some new great features! Going to look for video tutorials tonight!

  • Downloaded 1.4 for the first time since the trial period. For some reason, at the time I figured it was more than I needed. Having used it for the last two jobs, I realize I may have been working a little harder in ACDsee, but not much. It still takes time to pp, LR is just a better ride. Will a purchase in the next 30 days include and upgrade?

  • John, do you mean you downloaded v1.4 trial and you want to buy it then upgrade to v2? If so I would suggest download v2 and buy it, you will save $99.

  • For Kim-
    For the last couple hours I’ve been watching super Lightroom v2 videos by Matt Kloskowski at They are very well done. You do have to pay, it’s $20 per month and you can watch all the videos you want. If you are a NAPP member you get 20% off.

  • Sorry it’s 10% off!

  • Ok great! I will go right to LRv.2. The main Adobe LR page did not push it. I will look deeper for a download link. Thx.

    I am going to check and see if NAPP can offer any savings.

  • NAPP members get 15% off on most Adobe software. My NAPP membership is paid for each year because of the discounts available, not to mention all of the training I get available there.

  • Does NAPP membership get you a discount on Adobe Upgrades?

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