Updates to The Wide-Angle Lens Table

July 29th, 2008

I’ve made several updates to the listing of real estate photography lenses (click on the “lenses” button above the blog header image):

  1. I’ve put the lens quality rating in the middle column and sorted each lens type section by this quality rating. This makes the highest quality lenses at the top of each section. If you click on the numeric lens rating it will take you to the lens review. There are several lenses that are “unrated”. This just means didn’t test the lens and there were no reader reviews for the lens.
  2. As a result of reader requests, I’ve added lens sections for Olympus, Pentax and Sony DSLRs.

These changes make the table more complete and easier to quickly see which are the best lenses for each manufacturer section.

I’m not sure I have all the lenses that cover the real estate shooting sweet spot from 16 to 24mm (35mm effective) but I’m getting close. Feel free to point out any lenses I’ve missed.

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2 Responses to “Updates to The Wide-Angle Lens Table”

  • As a Reader, I appreciate you adding the details on other brands.

    A noted omission is the Olympus 7-14mm F4 Top Pro lens. If the 11-22 is rated at 9.75, then the 7-14 is at least a 12! From everything that I have read, the Nikon 12-24 is probably the closest to this lens of anything else ever made in the UW area, and the 7-14 is about as far ahead of the 12-24 nikon as the 12-24 is ahead of the sigma 10-20.

  • Paul- Thanks for the info. Interesting, the Olympus 7-14mm is in the table (I missed it because it because of the way the table is sorted) and rated at 9.67. This shows that it’s difficult or impossible to have a rating system that everyone will agree with. Sign-up at and do a user review to help the 7-14 rating. Ratings are based in some part on user reviews.

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