Introducing The PFRE Idol Award

July 7th, 2008

Think you have enough talent to be the next PFRE Idol? Now’s your chance to prove it! Check out details here. With the help and advice of many readers and PFRE flickr group members I’ve changed the photographer of the month award selection process to remove some of the objections to the last process. Thanks to Scott Hargis for his idea to tailor this selection process after the American Idol award.

The reasons for changing it again are:

  1. Change it to a contest format where contestants choose to enter the contest instead of being drafted or nominated without their consent. This way the approximately 40% of members that are not interested in competitions or contests don’t have to participate.
  2. Set it up so that there is more discussion of the images used to make the selection. As with the American Idol process this discussion will likely effect the final voting. As the process details describe contestants will each submit a series of 4 or 5 required images that will be discussed on a flickr group discussion thread over the course of the month before the final selection voting will be done with a Polldaddy poll on the PFRE blog.
  3. Have some fun in the process.

One other change that you may notice is that I’ve changed the list of links on the lower left side-bar to be only those photographers that have been featured as photographers of the month instead of the confusing historical list that I’d compiled over the last 3 years.

Thanks again for all the feedback and advice. Hopefully this process will work better for people.

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5 Responses to “Introducing The PFRE Idol Award”

  • Wow! That’s Scott Hargis second from the left!

  • Dan- Yes, exactly. I knew people would recognize Scott!

  • Dan,

    I wouldn’t be so bold as to suggest that is really Scott second from the left, but since you provided the photo, Larry – are you trying to insinuate that Scott has visited Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett since I met him at the PFRE Seattle workshop?

  • Craig- Yes, Scott had a “face simplification” procedure.

  • great site… tks for your insight..

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