You Can Get Help With Real Estate Photo Editing

June 24th, 2008

Ever been forced by circumstances to shoot a real estate front shot with a vehicle sitting in the drive way? I have; I see cars in the driveway of real estate front shots all too much. They distract from the purpose of the photo. But I also understand that you can be forced to choose between another trip to the property and shooting with the car there because owner of the car is not available to move it.

If you are not up to removing cars with photoshop there is another alternative. You can have cars professionally removed from photos by I would wager that, at todays gas prices, having remove the car is cheaper than a second trip.

Wowapic will also do other more involved image editing tasks that may be beyond the Photoshop skills of a busy Realtors or beginning real estate photographer. They will do the editing at your favorite photo sharing site. is worth a look if you don’t have the time or skills to do all your photo editing.

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3 Responses to “You Can Get Help With Real Estate Photo Editing”

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  • great to know. i have a friend who’s really good at photoshop and has saved me a couple of times! i just don’t have as much patience. i would definetely pay someone to fix it for me if the picture’s worth it or if it would take me a lot of time to do it myself. as always, thanks for your tips and info!

  • Interesting to know, however, if you call yourself a photographer in this digital era, and don’t have Photoshop skills, then to be quite blunt about it, you’re in the wrong business, or still living in the 80’s.

    It’s a bit like an electrician being unfamiliar with a digital multimeter, or a mechanical workshop not having modern diagnostics equipment… just a tool of the trade these days.

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