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June 20th, 2008

I know some readers are aware of but I realized recently that all real estate photographers that need a quick and easy way to deliver the results of a photo shoot to clients need to know about For an example of how it works either click here or on the image to the right. As you can see, you can download any of these images without a login or passwords.As the owner I can send anyone a link and allow read-only access or collaborative access. There is a limited version (1 gig) that you can use to try out the service. For full service access details see their upgrade page. Yes, if you know HTML and have a web site you can create something like this for less but this is a service that anyone can use.From a client point of view this is an elegant way to get photos from a shoot because you are not forced to use passwords. You just get a link in an e-mail and can look at the photos and download them. Very quick and easy.The other nice thing about is you can put any kind of files out there you want. The staff at my wife’s office use it to create a library of PDFs that are created by a copy-machine scanner for agents in the office. Phil Meadows, who taught the post-processing session at the PFRE Seattle workshop uses to exchange photo shoot files with clients that he does post processing for. It’s a quick and easy way to exchange large images. Try out the free account and you see.

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6 Responses to “ Great Way to Deliver Images to Clients”

  • Thanks Larry, I signed up for the free account, if it works well I’ll go for the upgrade.

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  • Hey Larry,

    I think I beat you to the chase with my post last week on PFRE. No one really had much to say then. Hopefully they will now!

  • thanks larry! i just signed up!

    i’m pretty sure it’ll make my life and my client’s life a little bit easier… i sometimes use flickr to upload the specific pictures a client needs, but, depending where they check their email, the computer may or may not allow them to enter Flickr (for security reasons)… this has happened a couple of times…

    in those past cases, i had no other option besides emailing them. so this will definetly be my first option from now on!

    as always, thank you 🙂

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  • Thanks Larry for your suggestion! Boxnet looks like it will meet my needs just fine.

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