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June 18th, 2008

There’s a new tour provider that launched recently –

Their tour design is clean and elegant. They are primarily setup for single agent use but are working on features that would more easily accommodate selling to real estate photographers. Mike Cole from cpgtours said, “…we really hadn’t thought of selling directly to photographers. Right now we are just starting to set-up photographers more as sales reps and paying them a commission.”

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9 Responses to “New Tour Provider”

  • Okay Mike,

    What about it? As a virtual tour provider using a homegrown version, what about someone like me using your version of a virtual tour? Costs? Customizations?

    From the posts, your design was very well received so I’m sure there will be other inquiring minds also.


  • Hi Mike,

    Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner. My computer died yesterday, and I’ve been scrambling ever since. Such fun.

    As indicated in the post, we haven’t been selling directly to photographers. And as such, we don’t have specific pricing for this group as of yet.

    However, we do have photographers that are doing our tours for their clients, and then recommending that they sign up for our service – for which we are paying a commission. They’re looking at it more as another source of income, rather than being an expense.

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by ‘customizations.’ The pan-tilt-zoom is completely controllable, and there are multiple interfaces people can choose from (with more on the way). Plus things like the mapping, agent profile, etc. can be turned off or on. But much beyond that, there’s no way to modify the functionality.

    We will be adding some other features soon. And we will also be adding an ‘administrator’ control panel that will allow access and control of multiple agent accounts.

    Thanks for the interest!

  • I can’t say I am particularly impressed by these. They look like all the other ones out there. I also find the use of the words “virtual tour” overused. It used to mean that they were QTVRs or some kind of 360 degree photography. Now it seems to mean “slideshow.” I think that is starting to confuse a lot of real estate agents. Let’s start working on what the correct nomenclature for these things are. Does anyone see it differently?

  • I’m with you on the “virtual tour” tag.
    I do create virtual tours…360° virtual tours. I also create a slidshow….30 or so still images on a 2 second transition.
    There is a difference, and Realtors do become confused.

  • @joe & Linda – I agree the term virtual tour is confusing used inconsistently. Historically (as far back as 98 or 99 the term Virtual tour has referred to only 360VR. Although more recently since there are many more options for showing online tours of homes the term has come to be a general term and does not refer to what type of media or technology is used to display the tour.

    Because tour technologies are evolving and expanding I think that it is important to use more specific terms than virtual tour. Better to use, slide show, 360VR or video. I admit that I need to be more consistent too.

  • Believe it or not, I agree about the use of the term ‘virtual’ tour.

    Unfortunately though, that term has become a generic category the industry tends to use for any type of visual presentation, beyond still photos. It’s the term used by, NAR, MLS groups, brokerages, agents, etc., etc.

    Now days, it also implies that the ‘tour’ is more than just a 360º pano, a slide-show, a video, animated stills, or whatever. The term suggests the inclusion of other things agents have come to expect – like link distribution, IDX and MLS compliance, property mapping and details, statistic tracking, etc.

    And when it comes to things like distribution, many agents don’t realize that they can’t even post a tour directly to places like In fact, some of them can’t even post a tour to their own MLS listing. They’re forced to use an approved ‘virtual tour’ company.

    Anyway, this is just what we’ve run into across the country.

  • Mike,

    When I used customizations, I was wondering if it would be possible to add options such as panoramics/360s/??, external links, etc.

    Regarding the term virtual tour, we have always called ours PhotoTours because we were concerned about being sued by iPix if we used virtual tour. Especially when the largest agency in the County got rid of them and hired us. iPix had a reputation for claiming they owned the copyright to “any” panoramic image or viewer and sueing little guys like us. Personally, I do miss them at times because they were so easy to compete against but alas, the good old days. Everyday, I thank the stars none of youse guys are in my market.


  • Mike,

    I like the clean design. Just like Mike Yother, I’m a virtual tour provider using a homegrown version. I’d be interested if you offer guys like us a solution and start using your service?!


  • I just got off the phone with Mike Cole from I love the product because it has a very simple and elegant look. I also had a client who asked for a simple tour, since many of their buyers are elderly and are unable to figure out the more complex tours that are available. Plus, I liked all the payment options. I’m excited to start working with

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