New Process For Choosing Real Estate Photographer of Month

June 15th, 2008

I’d like to start a process that gives broader participation in choosing the PFRE photographer of the month. I think this would make this award much more meaningful and significant if the choice was made with in a more collaborative way than just me sitting here in my swivel chair making a unilateral decision based on my personal tastes.

My proposed new process is described here. And the nomination form is here. What do you think?

After talking to many of the photographers listed on the “Distinctive Interior Photographer” list I realized that this list has gotten more significant than I thought. In at least one cast I know of one of, one of the photographers on this list was selected by an interior designer because of the PFRE post and the fact they were on this list. So help me make this the best and most complete list we can make. Click here and start sending me your nominations.

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2 Responses to “New Process For Choosing Real Estate Photographer of Month”

  • Larry… You have been guiding us so well from your swiveling throne of real estate photography justice, but it sounds like a good idea. Always innovating. Power to the people!

  • Larry–This sounds like a good idea that’s a logical progression of the group. Kudos to your efforts to make this a really “inclusive”, educational and reader serving resource.

    Doug Cranmer
    CityLife IMAGES
    Chicago | USA

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