Real Estate Photographer Directory Price Increase

June 12th, 2008

As of June 13 I’ve raise the price of being listed in the Real Estate Photographer Directory to $60 a year. The reasons are:

  1. I’m getting so many directory listings that maintaining it is using up too much of my time. I feel like I have a tiger by the tail and it’s about to eat me!
  2. It is working far better for people than I ever imagined it would. People listed in the directory report that they get client calls within 48 hours of being listed. So the directory is probably the most valuable resource I have.
  3. I’ve realized that the success of the directory is related to the fact that the whole thing is on one page so I don’t want tamper with the design but at the rate the directory is increasing I will soon reach a point that it is not practical to make the page any bigger.

Bottom line is that it is a very valuable resource for real estate photographers and I need to charge what it is worth. Sorry to have to do this but I don’t have any choice.

Everyone currently in the directory will be grandfathered and their original sign-up agreement honored.

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8 Responses to “Real Estate Photographer Directory Price Increase”

  • I agree that it has be limited to continue to be effective. May I suggest a small, one paragraph summary description under each listing (areas covered and service), as in my limited experience they tend to rank more effectively on google than just a name and link.

    To be fair, I think there also need to be a cut off point, so those who pay $60 are treated the same as the listings that weren’t payed for or just payed the one-off payment

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  • The directory cost still seems very reasonable to me; my perspective may be skewed since I’ve gotten paying clients as a direct result of the directory listing.

    I have listings from other photographic associations which are more formalized (and more expensive) which include a photographers directory listing, but none has paid off in real dollars quite the same way as the PFRE listing.

    On a side note, the PFRE Flickr Photo Pool and Discussion group ( has been an invaluable resource of learning for many photographers and Realtors alike. Some of Larry’s blog readers may not be as familiar with it, but it’s worth navigating over there, particularly if you’re reading the blog now using an RSS reader.

    Doug Cranmer
    CityLife IMAGES
    Chicago | USA

  • I haven’t heard a peep yet, and i’ve been signed up for over a month. By the way, how do you get on the distinctive interior photog list? I don’t understand what the criteria is. I see some names on there that produce less-than-impressive interior images and some that make stunning ones. what gives?

  • @Lawrence -The “Distinctive Interior Photographers” list on the left side-bar is now a list of those people that I give my RE photographer of the month award to.

    When I started out several years ago I just put some random people on there whose work I liked. As it started to be popular I put people on there that asked me to be on (many of those people are still there), then at the beginning of this year after it became clear to me that this had become a very coveted list I decided that it would be my list of REP photographers of the month… that’s what it is now.

    So I don’t claim that it is a complete list of “greats” and I don’t claim that it’s “fair” (everyone on the list is better than everyone not on the list). Over time I intend to build it up to build it up to be what in my judgement are “distinctive real estate photographers”.

    Perhaps I should come up with a nominating process so more people could provide input. I’ll have to think about how to improve the process. I’m very careful about taking people off the list because I have some “big name” shooters “pissed” at me for taking them off.

  • Missed it by that much! I was going to signup for it this weekend. I’m setting up my website now.

  • Thanks for explaining Larry!

  • Wow, I got in just in time I guess. I have to agree that this is still a good price. While I have not gotten a client from the list yet, I started seeing traffic on day 1.

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