Viveza: A Real Estate Photographer Must Have

June 2nd, 2008

I’ve been hearing good things about Viveza, a Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Aperture Plugin, by Nik Software. So decided I’d try out the free 15 day trial package.

In short Viveza is a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily make selective adjustments to an image much like you would by using masking adjustments in Photoshop. As usual Uwe has a nice in depth review over at

I wanted to see how it worked to make some selective adjustments to an interior image. I chose the above image of a master bath from a recent listing my wife has. Since I used Enfuse on this shot and didn’t use a flash and the turquoise window shades gave the area around and above the tub a blueish glow that I wanted to get rid of. So I placed a control point on the ceiling above the tub and moved the blue slider on the control point around until I liked the look. Then since the left side of the room was not as bright as the right side I decided to put a control point on the ceiling on the left side of the room and pump up the brightness only on the left side. Wow, this is easy and fun! I can see why Viveza is so popular. It’s really easy to quickly get results that it would hours to make selections and layer masks for. In fact, these subtle selective adjustments would take so much time any other way, I probably would never do them. I made a little before and after slide show of my changes to the master bath photo. I did this all in a matter of a few minutes with no manual, no instructions. I just downloaded the trial and started using it. It’s very intuitive.

I am very impressed with Viveza, I’m going to learn more about it and start using it. This looks to me like a real estate photographer must have tool!

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16 Responses to “Viveza: A Real Estate Photographer Must Have”

  • Larry:

    You’ll be shortly saying to yoursefl “how did I ever live without this!”

  • Viveza has rescued many a shot from the recyle bin for me. You can get it at the Academic Superstore at a huge discount if you qualify for the student discount.

  • Larry,
    Do you happen to know how different Viveza is from Capture NX?

  • I’ve been using Viveza since the first day it was released. I’ll put it this way, if I loaded every surperlative in a sentence describing Vivera, it would be an understatment. It’s that great! I’ve made improvements on images that easily was 75% quicker and better than using Photoshop 3 alone. It has more than been paid for in the time saved.

    All NAPP members get a discount on this and all NIK software. If you are not a member of NAPP, National Association of Photoshop Users, you are loosing money, there are hundreds of software and hardware discounts available to it’s members.

  • @David – No, I can’t tell you for sure how different it is because I’ve never used Capture NX. I can say the control point adjustments sliders on my Viveza trial look exactly like the images on the animated image on the front of So my guess is they are very similar.

  • @ David – Viveza’s “U-point” interface is integrated in to Capture NX.

  • In case you not know, Nikon bought out Nik Software a year or two ago. The U Point technology was first used in Capture NX. Viveza is a natural extension of it.

    I don’t use Nikon so I’ve never used Capture NX. I’ve heard it was very poor until The U Point interface was installed. I use Canon and Sony cameras, I find their raw software a pain to use.

  • Thanks for the answers…
    I was impressed with the U-point interface of Capture NX during a demo I saw last year. One reason I bring it up is because Capture NX is less expensive. I’m wondering what else may be in Viveza to justify the higher price.

  • David, since I don’t have Capture NX, I don’t know if all of the controls are the same. From the demos I saw of it I think Vivesa may have a few more controls and it can be used as a Smart Filter in Photoshop which allows making changes later in the workflow.

    I assume the changes made by U Point in Capture NX is made during the RAW conversion. Can it be used on other file types? Viveza is a Photoshop plug in so it can be used on just about any file.

  • Thanks Jerry, I’ll have to investigate more. Vivesa sounds like the best way to go. However, at nearly half the price, if Capture NX can accomplish the most important aspects (i.e., quick adjustments via the U-point interface) if may be a great way to go.

  • Sounds like I’m going to have to get Vivesa myself. I’m going to download the free trial right now. I’ve heard about it on Flicker, but haven’t used it yet. Sounds like I should have got it when I first heard about it. Thanks for the informative post.

  • Hi everyone – I’m from Nik Software. Glad you are enjoying Viveza. I wanted to parachute in and clarify a couple of things:

    1. The U Point technology that initially hit the market in Capture NX is indeed the same U Point technology as you’ll find in Viveza. Nikon just announced Capture NX 2 yesterday (June 3), and here’s a link to a good post on that image editing tool:

    2. Correction to a post by Jerry above: Nikon has a *minority* investment in Nik Software only and does not own us. Here’s a link to the press release announcing the investment:

    Great images – thanks again for discussing Viveza!
    Cheers, Kevin

  • @Kevin – Thanks for the clarifications and additional info.

  • Capture nx is less expensive than Viveza. I don’t know what the differences are in the two programs using the u point technology. I have a recent version and it seems to do the same things but does not have some of the finer adjustments available in Viveza.

    Great plug in, expensive though.

  • I have been using the trial for a couple of days and I am amazed at what this tool can do. Quite intuitive to use. I already am a Nik Color Effects Pro user and liked the integration with a similar interface. If you haven’t tried it yet, you will ask yourself afterward why not….

  • Viveza is the greatest software I’ve ever owned, along with its natural companion, Color Efx Pro 3.0. Complete. But stop telling everyone about it! It’s a great secret we should keep all to ourselves. Easy to rescue crappy snapshots, makes everything look amazing. Worth every penny.

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