Help Us Decide Which Cities to Do a PFRE Workshop In

May 4th, 2008

This afternoon Scott Hargis, Thomas Grubba, Ron Kenny and I had a telecon to discuss the next steps in putting on workshops similar to the PFRE Seattle workshop we had in Seattle on April 25.

During the telecon we made the following decisions:

  1. We are going to use the same team if workshop leaders to organize produce workshops in a number of US cities and Australia and eventually perhaps other countries.
  2. We are going to increase the workshops to 2 days and hold them only on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. We are going to refine and extend the same subjects covered in the Seattle workshop (Multi-flash off camera lighting, Post processing, Marketing and networking among workshop attendees).
  4. We are going to solicit input from PFRE blog readers and PFRE flickr group members as to which cities and locations are the most popular workshop locations. To give us your input please use the workshop location poll on the left side-bar to vote for the city of your choice.
  5. We are going to do the next workshop someplace in southern California in early summer.

We believe that by using this approach of refining a workshop that was successful and using the same team to produce future workshops will result in the highest quality workshops.

So please give us you input on the pole on the left side-bar and and stay tuned for more details on the next workshop in Southern California.

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43 Responses to “Help Us Decide Which Cities to Do a PFRE Workshop In”

  • I will definitely attend if the workshops are held on the West coast. I’ll be more than happy to help out if it is in Northern CA. I can’t wait to see the details on the next workshop in S CA but summer seems hot down there. ;p

  • I vote for Reykjavik.

    Or Paris.

  • @Scott, Paris will be a very nice to have a workshop but now the dollar is too weak. . . .:(

  • Why not Denver? It’s the most centrally located city in the US.

  • Vancouver is my vote! I do realize I’d be the only one attending though….I think I’m the only one from the West Coast of Canada.

  • I vote for our nation’s capital, Washington DC.

  • I vote Myrtle Beach, SC. Many great Golf Courses….

  • Melbourne Australia sounds like a great place for an Aussie workshop.


  • I would like to see one in Troy, Michigan but I don’t think there are many, if any, RE photographers in the area.

  • Keep travel costs low come to Cleveland, Ohio! Next choice, Denver or Chicago for a centralized US location(where I have relatives).

  • Did someone say golf??? I’ll talk to the people putting this together and see what they think.

  • Myrtle Beach, SC is the Golf capital of the US… During off season ocean front hotels run around $40-$60 per night.

  • I think that an east-coast version of the workshop would be great! SC is good, but I’d recommend a Florida workshop with MJ Northren, if he’d be interested. Chicago would be my 2nd choice since flights to/from O’Hare are pretty cheap as it’s a big hub.

  • Boston

  • Denver

  • Hi,

    Sweden ! Yep, come to Sweden. It’s a lovely place on earth. Ok, it’s a bit for most of you, I know. But maybe in the future. For now I’m pretty fine with the thought of come to California πŸ™‚

  • Socal! anyone? say hey πŸ™‚

  • Las Vegas baby! I live here, so I’m kind of bias.

  • I vote Southern Cali!

  • Orlando, Florida

  • I vote for LA / Southern Cal.

  • West Baden Springs Hotel & Casino (Indiana)
    Amazing place.

  • You have to go through Dallas to get to heaven! πŸ™‚

  • Happy to fly any where in Australia! I was tempted to fly to the last one!!!

  • I vote for Denver… easy to get to, fun to visit (and, oh yeah… I live here).

  • Atlanta

  • Reno!

  • Looks like you guys are gonna have to go on tour!

    Just pick a location near a major airport w/ hotel prices that aren’t insane.

  • Seems one can only vote for one city, so I’m following up with my other votes:

    Chicago, NYC, Boston, DC

  • Convenience would have me say Nashville, TN, but Atlanta would be do-able and Orlando would make my family happy because we could go to Disney during the same trip. πŸ™‚

  • My vote is socal

  • Please, please, please come to the East Coast….D.C. is beautiful this time of year!!!!

  • Western Canada – Vancouver works for me but my home town would be nice too – Edmonton, AB

  • Portland Oregon is my vote! I wish I would have made it to Seattle, but I had just found this group. Portland is pretty central for the Northwest.

  • New York

  • Los Angeles (1)
    San Diego (2)
    San Francisco (3)
    Chicago (4)

  • Dallas/Ft. Worth TX Please!!!

  • Dallas or San Antonio, TX

  • NYC

  • My vote would be in Austin or Atlanta, I’m moving to US late August, can you wait for me? I’ll be there for sure.



  • Might be too late, but I also say Denver. πŸ™‚

  • Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX would serve all of North Texas and Oklahoma. Austin, TX would be great also for anyone in TX. There are agents here in Waco, TX ready to go!

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