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April 30th, 2008

Ron Kenny (captainronsphotos) discussed an idea for using the flickr discussion group for reviewing home shoots at the Seattle workshop. The basic idea is that it would be nice to use the flickr discussion group to get more eyes on all the photos from a shoot you are about to send to a client. An easy format for doing this is to just upload the finished photos to flickr and create a set. Then start a discussion thread and put a pointer to your set you want reviewed in the thread.I’ve taken the liberty of using one of Ron’s recent sets (he shot it today) as an example. A few guidelines are probably in order:

  • Since time is the essence you probably should state in the thread when your deadline is to send the photos to the client.
  • Put “Home Shoot Review Please:” in the thread title.
  • Not much point in telling the requester to “go re-shoot” some thing.
  • There are probably others but this is all I can think of… I’m sure others will have suggestions.

Some have already done this kind of request for a shoot review before. I think it’s useful to state and invite it so people will feel free to do it more.

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5 Responses to “Home Shoot Review: An Idea The PFRE Flickr Discussion Group”

  • Is it possible, in the Flickr group, to also specify which lens was used in taking the photo? Also, in Kens photos, I don’t see any barrel distortion. Is that due to the lens, or the software? By the way, that kitchen shot (IMG_3105) looks awesome!

  • @Marilyn – best way to do this is to just ask Ron directly what lens he is using (just leave a comment on one of the photos or the flickr thread I have this posted on).

    Virtually all ultra-wide-angle zoom lenses have barrel distortion so even though I don’t know which lens Ron is using on his 5D he either was careful to not have long straight lines near the edge of the images or he used the lens distortion filter in Photoshop to remove barrel distortion.

    Some of the more expensive prime (non-zoom) wide-angle lenses don’t have noticeable barrel distortion but I’m pretty sure that Ron uses a zoom.

  • Larry,

    This is along the lines of my earlier suggestion to have a way of receiving a “peer review” that would allow us to submit a link and receive feedback from other REPs (Real Estate Photographers). What seems to be missing is a standard feedback format that we can use when looking at someone’s work. I’ve started one but ran out of time and your new idea is a good place to maybe get one.

    Ideally, a pop-up style form could be used with some forced choices on common items like Brightness, Distortion, Download speed, etc. with a 1-5 type scale including an Overall Rating.

    Also, a text box or two for specific comments such as Suggestions for Improvement or whatever to help us understand ways we can improve the quality of our Tours AND their value to a Realtor as a sales tool. In our area, most of the homes are cookie cutter style and we learn over time what works best or not. But, the occasional oddities like log cabins or dark brown walls with white floors & ceilings, etc. at times have left me wondering if there are ways I could have done it better. Someone who does these style homes regularly would be a valuable source of feedback and assistance.

    Include a way for the REP to include info regarding their equipment (bodies, lenses, flashes, light modifiers, etc.), software and any plug-ins or filters they use.

    And, this might be unpopular, charge us a nominal fee ($2 – $5) when we submit a Tour for this review and the money would be used as you decide for upgrades, hosting or anything you think will help us and you.

    Just my thoughts and once again, thank you for all the time and effort you have used on this blog.

  • Mike – Good thoughts. I have a site that’s been slowly in the works that’ll allow for what you suggest, to an extent. I disagree about charging for it though, as participation will inherently be weak. I’ll get w/ Larry and/or the Flickr group later to see if it’s something of interest.

  • Thanks Scott, I look forward to your completed project.

    The “pay for opinion” thought was just an idea I threw out but probably should have thrown out a window instead. 🙂

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