A PAP Shot of The Seattle Workshop

April 28th, 2008

I couldn’t resist posting this shot taken by our workshop sponsor Stephen Armstrong of from the Holiday Inn parking lot during one of the last sessions of the day. Stephen says he had his mast up about 60′ (not its full height) for this shot.

Stephen, we are all at the window looking back at you. From the window on the 12th floor.

This also serves to document the fact that I delivered on my promise of sunshine for the workshop.

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One Response to “A PAP Shot of The Seattle Workshop”

  • Pole shots by in the USA
    Small world

    I am pretty familiar with here in Australia.
    They orginate out of New Zealand.
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    Remote Vision Vehicles in Melbourne Australia
    I have about 35 Pole systems fitted to vehicles of all kinds Australia wide in all States with Open2view franchise owners.
    1 in NZ.
    Our system are begining to be taken up by the larger Real Estate Agents with sizeable in-house photo departments that do it all themselves.
    We recently struck agreements with 2 companies to be our resellers of equipment in the UK with Rob and Paul at Fluidmoves and USA with Kurt at Floatograph Technologies, FT primarily supply the US military and seeking to get back more into the commercial systems and have chosen to resell our system as is.

    We have a fairly advanced system to most sold, it is turnkey and we deal with the whole gammut A to Z for buyers to get them equipped and profitng from the equipment in the shortest time.
    Our equipment is built for full time commercial use for companies like Open2view and well established property photo businesses specifically who are looking for more than the basics and will use it 4 to 5 times a day 5 days a week.

    By no means a budget system but it is packed full of gear and feature not found elsewhere, and the high quality finishes for cosmetic appearances have a premium.
    The high finish is important for companies that are presenting a brand they want to impress on the market.
    Such as a multinational franchise chain like open2view aims to do..
    Our units are made to be profitable in some part merely by having an our systems on the sign written vehicle roof drawing attention to the branding.
    Our camera mount and pole system are all made to look like photographic equipment. Not Pole equipment.
    And if you’re clients are paying a premium, they would expect you to be well equipped.
    Our equipment conveys a message to the photographers clients that he or she is equipped to the back teeth with the latest cutting edge elevated photography equipment.

    And all this cosmetic aspect of our poles is because, in photography image is everything isn’t it.

    Technically though its is a pretty quick system to use and purpose built for working photographers that cannot afford to cancel work due to a bit of wind.
    Our masts differ to others in dimension and design, purpose built for camera work and so very stable.
    25 knot winds at 55ft up with Auto Settings only on the DSLR you can still get clean (un blurred) shots.
    Most other masts ar thinner walled comms masts converted for the purpose.
    And built to last also, and our gear gets a good work out with the Open2view operators some over 2 of years now working daily with the equipment, it stands the test of time.
    About 30% of those who own our Poles in Open2view and elswhere are women also, the gear doesnt need The Incredible Hulk to operate.

    Anyway, you’re welcome to have a look at our gear at the site

    (Nice site Larry, glad I found it)


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