Seattle Workshop Recap – What Next?

April 27th, 2008

I’ve put together a 4 minute video that is a composite of video clips that I shot in many of the Seattle workshop sessions to give those of you that weren’t there a feeling for what went on.

For a report from the attendee prospective be sure to see Sabrina Huang’s report on the workshop at Sabrina is a Realtor, a Photographer and an interior designer in San Jose, CA.

There appears to be a lot of enthusiasm for this type of workshop. We sold out well before the workshop, we were able to fill two cancellations almost instantly and I was still getting requests to attend on the day before while driving up to Seattle. Also, there were requests from attendees to do longer workshops. Another interesting fact that shows how much demand there is for this kind of workshop is that only 12 of the 30 attendees were from the Seattle area. We had 4 attendees from Canada, 2 from VA, others from IL, CO, CA, WY, MN and OR. Several attendees asked when there would be another workshop on the way out.

So what’s next? I’ve decided to offer a promotion/registration/money-collection service for real estate photography workshops that readers around the country (or world for that matter) want to organize. This way, anyone anywhere could undertake organizing a real estate photography workshop anywhere on the planet and have a way to reach and register attendees. The local organizing people would decide what the agenda is and who the speakers would be and handle running the workshop. To help workshop organizers I plan to put together a lessons learned or guidelines list based on what we learned doing this workshop.

I’ve already been contacted by two other workshop organizing groups. one in So-Cal and one on the East coast so I know others want to do workshops.

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  • Thanks for the video Larry, and for the review, Sabrina! As I said Friday, I’d be in for another workshop. If it’s half as good as Friday’s was, it’ll still be worth it – not to mention, I always look for excuses for mini-vacations.

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