New Poll: Do You Do Real Estate Photography Full Time or Part Time

April 22nd, 2008

A few weeks ago Susanne Hayek asked to have a poll that asks about part time vs full time real estate photographers so I just changed the poll on the left side-bar to ask that question. Since we have blog readers that are Realtors that do work just for themselves and some that also work for other Realtors the poll question has to be a bit more complicated to get the whole picture.Remember that I have all the previous polls summarized on the “poll results” link along the top command bar.Also, let me know if there’s a poll question you want to see… be glad to put it up.

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3 Responses to “New Poll: Do You Do Real Estate Photography Full Time or Part Time”

  • I do photography full time – real estate is about 40% of my work, along with weddings, artwork and other miscellaneous work.

  • Part time, mostly just simple shots for appraisals, refi’s etc. Still building an interior portfolio using mulit-light source methods.

  • We do only real estate photography and advertising. Between taking the photos and posting them online, there is not much time for anything else.


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