Multiple Flash Build-up Examples

April 21st, 2008

Mason Trullinger has posted two multiple flash build-up examples in the flickr discussion group:

The build-ups are a sequence of photos that show the effect adding each one of several flashes when lighting a room. Mason has included notes on each photo pointing out the placement and flash power settings. This makes a very informative illustration of how to do a multiple flash lighting setup.Thanks Mason for the great examples!

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3 Responses to “Multiple Flash Build-up Examples”

  • I posted 2 more examples that can be seen here:
    Living Room and Kitchen

    Mason Trullinger

  • Thanks a bunch, this is a great hand held guide and very nice of you to take the time to post it.

  • Thanks for the demo. But I wonder
    A) how steep is the learning curve ? E.x. How long does it take to get a grip on this and
    B) how much time do you need for each shot ?

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