Jennifer Kirby: A Minneapolis Realtor Advocate For Photography

April 17th, 2008

John Muir in the  PFRE flickr discussion group pointed out a youtube video made by Jennifer Kirby. Jen isn’t saying anything earth shaking that we don’t all know but it’s great to hear it coming from a Realtor once in a while.To me this kind of video clip is a great way for Realtors to use on their website or blog. That is, a personal message to their clients that gets across their philosophy and their personality.

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One Response to “Jennifer Kirby: A Minneapolis Realtor Advocate For Photography”

  • Nice video! Traditional online presentation is very important for sure, but “eyes to eyes” contact is still the crucual part of dealing with client. If we can’t provide it live any time, video features and clips like this one can be very helpful, especially when dealing with one community, like we do in West Toronto homes.