Matt Edington From eSiteTours Talks About His HDR Process

April 10th, 2008 is a full service tour company in Bellevue, WA that launched at the end of 2007. I did a post on when they launched. eSiteTours specializes in HDR images for both their 360s and still shots.

Matt Edington is one of the eSiteTours founders and currently does all their HDR processing. Recently Matt was telling me about the steps he uses in to create HDR images. He describes his process as follows:

  1. Always shoot in RAW
  2. Take 3-4 images on a tripod manually adjusting for the highlights and shadows between shots. I typically just go by trial and error and find it is quite easy to get good exposures quickly.
  3. Edit the RAW files individually in the RAW converter (I typically adjust temperature, hue/saturation and exposure if necessary here)
  4. Click “done” in the RAW converter so the settings are saved. No need to save as tiffs or JPGs.
  5. Use Photoshop “Merger to HDR” automation action on the edited RAW files.
  6. Save the resulting file as a HDR file.
  7. Tone map the HDR file in Photomatix as necessary (keep the strength as low as possible).
  8. Edit and make final adjustments in Photoshop.

Matt says he has been doing extensive experimentation to refine this HDR process. The latest example that illustrates the results of the work flow that Matt describes above can be seen here. Matt points out that not all image in this example are HDR, only the images that require an increased dynamic range.

eSiteTours will be soon be ready to expand to other geographic market areas and are beginning interviewing photographers interested to join their team. They are looking for photographers with the skills necessary to provide finished images ready for upload.

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  • Are those flames in the fireplace a P.S. plugin? Some images are a bit dark, but overall nice looking work!

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