Landmark New Features In Lightroom 2 Beta

April 9th, 2008

This Beta version is it seems to me unusually “uncooked” to me. Even though Lightroom product managers say not, I think Adobe rushed out this Beta to reveal the cool things they have in the pipeline and counter Apple’s recent release of Aperture.

Michael Clark over at Inside Lightroom has a good summary of the new features. Undoubtedly the most significant feature is the ability to locally dodge, burn, clarify or sharpen in a non-destructive way. That is, in keeping with the fundamental Lightroom philosophy the original RAW file is not altered.

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3 Responses to “Landmark New Features In Lightroom 2 Beta”

  • While the feature set is quite stunning, I can’t see why you would consider using a beta for everyday use. I’m not even going to install until the final version comes out.

  • Yeah, I’m gonna be installing it for everyday use, I’ll wait until it’s working properly..

  • I started using Lightroom and got all excited by the new Galleries. Then I tested it on an old PowerBook laptop with 1024×768 resolution and realised it won’t display the full size image, only a small size 450wide and no larger. I then checked my web stats for a year and see 48.58% of visitors are using a 1024×768 resolution (not including 800×600 either!). It now doesn’t seem worth the loading times wait if it will only go this size. A real shame

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