I’m Looking For Beta Testers For My Business Startup Kit

April 6th, 2008

3:35 PM PDT… Sign-up is closed  I have enough testers now.

I’m about finished with my second e-book/start-up kit called The Business of Real Estate Photography. I decided to separate the business techniques from the Photo techniques of the PFRE e-book. In addition to an e-book it consists of 230 mb of product templates and other materials that can be used to start or refine a real estate photography business. The main items are:

  1. The Business of Real Estate e-book (50 pages)
  2. A Marketing presentation to be tailored to your own use
  3. A terms of service/price sheet template
  4. A home preparation handout for agents and home sellers
  5. A Photoshop template for a home for sale flyer
  6. A Photoshop template for an 11×17 brochure
  7. Photoshop templates for a regular size and jumbo size postcard
  8. HTML for a SlideShowPro branded slide-show – for use with Lightroom

I’m looking for 5 people who are at some phase of starting or running a real estate photography business to look at and test this beta product. I don’t mean look for typos, I already have an editor working on that. I’m looking for people that are in a position to use the product and give me feedback on the concepts and usefulness of the various parts. I have a tester in the UK and would like at least one in AU and one in CA. This product is intended to work anywhere in the world so I need to have testers all over.

I’m going to give a copy to the Seattle workshop attendees because I’m going to use the marketing chapter to for the marketing session at the workshop. So if you are not going to the Seattle workshop and would like to help test this product send me an e-mail (use the contact Larry link on the above right side-bar) and tell me why I should choose you as one of the 5. After I select the 5 people I’ll send them all a download link.

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