Adobe Releases Lightroom 2.0 Beta

April 2nd, 2008

Thanks to Cherie Irwin for pointing out the Adobe released Lightroom 2.0 beta today. See John Nack’s blog and Adobe Labs Lightroom site for more details. I’m going to download it and try it out.

There’s appears to be a lot of cool features in LR 2 Beta and there are still a bunch of things that don’t work. LR 2 isn’t intended to be something you want to use for your business work flow quite yet. It’s still pretty rough around the edges. Ian Lyons has a pretty good review of LR 2 Beta over at Lightroom News that helps understand all the new features.

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6 Responses to “Adobe Releases Lightroom 2.0 Beta”

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  • To be honest, I’m getting jacked off with Lightroom.

    The overall functionality and feature set is superb. except there is one small problem…

    It cannot render Nikon NEF images as well as the in-camera JPGs.
    No matter how much time your spend (waste), you cannot get accurate colour rendition involving the RED channel.
    You can tweak all you like in the HSL panel, to no avail. 🙁
    The same old red channel Nikon problem.

    Particularly noticeable with timbers (flooring, furniture, etc) – they’re just plain wrong.
    It is usually rendered as a horrible brown.

    I might add, this is using a D300 preset too, and goes beyond a W/B issue.
    Green and Blue shades are rendered accurately, but red-orange-brown isn’t.

    With Nikon’s own Capture NX, it isn’t a problem… the colours are spot on.
    What a pity Nikon can’t/won’t release the processing algorithm so that 3rd party vendors can process NEFs properly.
    Then again, why would they?

    If Capture NX had the functionality of LR, then it would be one awesome piece of software for Nikon shooters.

  • BTW Larry, the “Adobe Labs Lightroom site” hyperlink above has an erroneous http in the link.
    ie; there are two https, and results in the inevitable 404 error.

  • “Green and Blue shades are rendered accurately, but red-orange-brown”
    Odd I had thought the D300 & D3 were very similar .

    Once we realised the in camera D3 tint or hue adjust didn’t carry over to lightroom (why any one would touch these I do not know)

    We were able to dial in files just fine with the tint & colour temp in Lightroom 1.3.1 v Camera Raw 4.3.1..

    My pet peeve is Lightroom print module not functioning properly I was hoping it would be fixed by now I have the one print job I do a year . An HBA event coming up in couple of weeks

    I was hoping Lightroom the 1.4. release would sort out the issues …

  • Adam we convert the NEF to DNG on import into Lightroom I do’t know if that is a fix but just a thought ..

  • It is VERY slow… it’s a beta, I know, but still…

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