The Seattle Photography For Real Estate Is A Go!

March 20th, 2008

A quick update on the April 25, Seattle Workshop (details are here): We now have more than enough committed attendees registered to announce that the workshop is a go for sure! Scott Hargis’s session on lighting with multiple strobes is a popular attraction and drawing people from all over. So far we have attendees registered from WA, CA, IL, WY, CO, VA and Calgary, Alberta. This will be a diverse group with a mixture of long time Real Estate Photographers, beginning photographers and some Realtors who shoot primarily for themselves. So this will be a great place to learn no matter what your experience.

There is still space left so if you’ve been on the fence now is the time to sign up for this historic event. I’ve made special arrangements for clear skies in Seattle on the weekend of April 25, 26 & 27 but you will have to swear not to let anyone know that the sun shines in Seattle.

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9 Responses to “The Seattle Photography For Real Estate Is A Go!”

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  • Thanks to you and Ron Kenney for setting up this West Coast session. I’m very much looking forward to attending the workshop and finally meeting other members of the PFRE community whom I’ve learned a great deal from.

    Doug Cranmer

  • Why you guys do this same time with Web 2.0 in san fran…. I was dieing to come…

  • I can’t wait. . .

  • how ’bout a session anywhere near Denver?

    beautiful image of Seattle and Rainier, nice contrast on the title

  • I do hope I can attend. It’s a long way from Colorado to Washington. But, you never know, I might win the lotto between now and then!

    And, yes what a beautiful image of Seattle, was it sunrise or sunset?

  • @Michael,
    The shot above of Seattle and Mt Rainier in the background was taken at sunset at a little park (Kerry Park) just North of the Space Needle on Queen Anne Hill. It was taken in Mid-October about 5 years ago. This view of Seattle from Kerry Park has become the classic postcard view of Seattle. On the evening I shot this there were about 25 photographers all lined up along the railing with everything from 4×5 view cameras to point and shoot cameras. Snapping away from sunset til after dark. This particular night was good but not great. October shots like this have good color because of the haze but in the spring on a clear day Mt Rainier is clearer.

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  • Just wondering about others who are attending the workshop from out of town: are your significant others making the trip with you? If so, are they coming with you to the reception on the 24th? My wife was wondering if she should come or not… If it’s just going to be a bunch of photographers gabbing about gear etc. she might want to find alternative entertainment!

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