Enfuse: One of The Most Important Tools For A Real Estate Photographer

March 11th, 2008

I had an interesting time this weekend shooting the same property that I’d shot back in 2004. The property is a funky little A-Frame on a remote lane on Tiger Mt near Issaquah, WA. My wife Levi has sold almost every home on this lane over the last 5 years.

As is frequently the case, I didn’t get to pick the time of day to do this shoot and it turned out to be early afternoon when the overcast sun was directly in front of the southwest-facing wall of windows in the great room. Looking back at my photos from 2004 I’d obviously had the exactly same problem when shooting this room because my solution in 2004 was to not include the beautiful wall of windows in the shot. Rather I shot back into the room to avoid the windows. The great room in this A-frame is the single most important architectural feature of the interior of this home. All the other rooms are anticlimactic compared to this room so would be insane to not have a shot out towards the large deck and wooded area beyond.

When I walked into this room I immediately though about LR/Enfuse that I’d done a post last week. So I shot a sequence of 7 exposures (0EV plus 3 shots under and 3 shots over 0EV). The resulting adjusted output of LR/Enfuse is above. I’m not completely happy with the shot because of the lens flare around the upper left large brightest window. I’d still like to come back and get a morning shot when the sun isn’t blasting in the window like this shot but in the mean time this is a shot I can live with that shows the essence of this room.

As David pointed out in his comments on the earlier enfuse post there are other front-ends for enfuse for those of you that are not Lightroom users. Enfuse is a open source program that’s apparently several years old and widely used for shooting 360 panoramas. I love the Lightroom interface because blending images becomes one quick step in workflow of developing and adjusting images from a shoot. The only thing I’d change in LR/Enfuse is I’d like to not have to import the result of a blend.

I think for the price (whatever you want to donate) enfuse may well be one of the most important tools for the real estate photographer.

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8 Responses to “Enfuse: One of The Most Important Tools For A Real Estate Photographer”

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  • Also check out TuFuse:

  • Larry, Photomatix 3 will also have exposure blending that works better (IMHO) than Enfuse because there is more control. PM 3 is in beta currently.

  • The problem with enfuse is how to figure out those levels things. Would be great if a non halo way could be available somehow, easier and maybe a PS layered output to, to manual correct things afterwards, if desired.

    PM3 beta is okish, very finicky with the usage… crashes often… kind of unreliable and has problems if combing huge images, something related of memory usage.

  • I have tried many of these things HDR Colour Factory.
    I am still not happy with the results.
    I would love to be able to action things using inverted masking, but its still hit and does work but the quality.
    I will keep serching for the answer.

  • Michael: Well, it’s to be expected to crash now and then… it’s beta. Actually it has not crashed once for me (Running on a Mac – beta 7) It had memory leaks but I think that is all fixed. So far no problems.

    Enfuse and Photomatix are the closest thing we photographers have to a solution to high dynamic range images so far. (Wihout that flat tone mapped look).

    You can do it by hand in Photoshop but it’s way too time consuming and I have not seen better results from anyone doing it by hand.

  • David – No crashes for me either – Mac beta v8.

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