PFRE Real Estate Photographer for March: Dan Truax-Weston

March 5th, 2008

I’ve chosen Dan Truax-Weston (dtruax in the flickr group) as the PFRE real estate photographer for the month of March. Dan is based in Escondido, CA (North of San Diego) and has been doing real estate photography for about a year.I picked Dan because I’ve been watching his work improve over the last 6 months or so and I think he has made extraordinary progress. He has a new website ( which I think shows off his portfolio quite well.As Dan tells his story in his own words:

“I came to real estate photography about a year ago. In January of 2007 A friend of mine and I were looking to start a real estate video production business. We spent a few months working on pricing, and doing research, as well as shooting a few houses with our video camera to test out different ideas. Well after a few months he could no longer continue due to other obligations and I was disappointed with our results. The videos had the right content but they really didn’t show off the property as well as I thought they should. They also did not let the user jump to just certain areas they wanted to see, and the windows being blown out as you entered rooms and left did not help. Then I saw a flash tour of a property, that was done really well, with excellent photography and I was hooked. I purchased my Canon EOS 30d a few days later, and have been passionately pursuing the field ever since. I have always loved architecture and photography, and to pursue both together seemed too good to be true. This is the first business where I wake up in the morning passionate about looking for that next image, or composing that next shot, that will really stand out. I love the work and I hope it shows.It was after I started really pursuing the real estate photography that I found the wonderful flickr photography for real estate group! I have been posting, commenting, and learning from the deep pool of knowledge there for months now. It is a great place, and the ability to have your peers review and honestly critique your work is invaluable! I check the board about every other day, and have made many great friends there.I average 2-5 home shoots a month right now. So the photography is not full time, but hopefully will blossom to full time in the next year. Right now i am still working on getting clients, building networks, and creating a solid reputation so my customers feel comfortable referring me to their associates. All business have to start in that space, so we are working away, and performing at our peak when called upon.Each time the shoots get faster and each time I feel the my confidence rising. I remember my first shoot last year. I showed up with all my gear, and I had some untested optical triggers I was going to use to fire my 2 remote strobes. Well you know where this story is going, the optical triggers would not work, but luckily I had one 15′ sync cord to use, and so I shot the place with one strobe on the camera, and the other precariously balanced at the top of my light stand with this cable wanting to topple the whole thing at any moment. Lesson learned, prepare, prepare, prepare, then execute.My gear is nothing too exciting and pretty standard it seems. I shoot with a Canon EOS 30d, and a Canon 10-22 Wide Angle Lens. I use my stock 18-55 lens for specific property details and real tight areas. I also use cactus triggers and 4 of the new Vivitar 285hv flashes to light my scenes. Each flash is setup on an adjustable 8 foot light stand with its own umbrella when I arrive on the shoot. Then I place them and move them from room to room as needed. It takes a few minutes but having the light on the stand with the umbrella ready to go saves me a lot of time. I saving my pennies for some pocket wizards, or perhaps the soon to be released pocket poppers.Recently the field of HDR has really come into sharp focus for me and I have been working to pursue this area of photography as it seems to really allow some wonderful tonality in the shots, and faster shoots for certain properties. The warm feeling of these shots really seems to draw in the viewer, and the ability to work more quickly on site, and then take more time on the post side is definitely appealing.”

Thanks Dan for the background and good luck in your new real estate photography business. I’m sure you will be a success.

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11 Responses to “PFRE Real Estate Photographer for March: Dan Truax-Weston”

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  • I don’t know where Dan’s work came from, but these examples are extraordinary!

  • Well done Dan. I have just looked browsed through your gallery, and I am in awe. Only 1 year in the game!! What was your background in photography? The lighting is great! I am with a 30D and a 580 and occasional 430 slave. Too busy with surviving and satisfying daily jobs, and not confident enough to experiment with other strobes. When and how did you advance from the on camera flash to more lighting in such a short time and only a few jobs per week??
    Your work from only a year in the game gives me something to aspire to!

  • Dan

    Congratulations on your success! You made the clouds in the dining room light up as if we were looking at the sky. No doubt, you will do well.

    I didn’t know that our house could look so good.

  • Outstanding work. Can I come hang out with you (jk)?

  • Milton, Thank you for you kind words. I have done some portrait stuff in the past, but that was about it. As for lighting well, that I have tried to study from those who came before me, especially some of the flickr gurus. I started out with one flash on camera and worked out from their. Practice, practice, practice 🙂

    ECN, cant wait for the pool to go in!

    David Davis, sure if your in my neck of the woods give me a shout, your stuff looks awesome!

  • Pictures sell homes and great pictures sell them faster. If I were selling luxury properties you would be a must in my business. It appears your niche found you!

  • Beautiful, just beautiful interior shot. Congrats.

  • Nice work, Dan! Congrats!

  • Belated congrats Dan.

  • This is astounding work. We will be more than happy to recommend you!

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