LR/Enfuse: A HDR Like Image Blending Plugin For Lightroom

March 3rd, 2008

As reported over at Lightroom News, Timothy Armes has a new donation-ware image blending plugin for Lightroom that creates images similar to tonemapped images.

I purchased a copy and have been playing around with it for several hours. It is very convenient to use, just select the images you want to blend in Lightroom and launch it from the File menu of Lightroom. Then import the blended image back into Lightroom and you can make final adjustments if you want. The results are very similar to using Photomatix although I have to spend more time with Enfuse to totally understand the difference. I like it.

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6 Responses to “LR/Enfuse: A HDR Like Image Blending Plugin For Lightroom”

  • I go back and forth between Enfuse and Photomatix’s Exposure Blend. They are both nice.


  • For those who don’t have Lightroom there are these front-ends to Enfuse:



    Enfuse is a powerful blending program still in development so there is no “official” GUI to it yet. I have played with xFuse but not Bracketeer yet. I also like the Lightroom plug in but as I said above I go back and forth between xFuse and Photomatix. They are slightly different depending on the images that are being processed.

  • I have been watching the comments on HDR and have been thinking I would give Photomatrix a try. For anyone interested, I found a coupon code that gives a 15% discount: VPG15
    Just thought I would pass it along. Bob

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  • I loaded it and when I run it I get a black window with c/windows/system32/cmd.exe. showing a lot of processing going on. Is this supposed to come up? I get an image at the end of it but was wondering if i loaded it correctley. Anyone else?

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