Tour Reviews: A Way to Get Feedback On Your Tours

February 29th, 2008

I want to kick off the concept of tour reviews, a new use for the flickr group discussion group.

In a comment on the discussion of What to charge for real estate photography Mike Yother suggested that we setup a new scheme to allow all you gentle readers to evaluate and vote on tours. Mike’s suggestion grew out of a discussion of the value of real estate photography.

I especially like this idea because real estate photography is about more than just the single images that we talk about in the photo discussion. It’s also about presenting a set of photographs of a home in a compelling way. The set of photographs of a home gets uploaded to MLS’s but as we all agree the MLS presentation usually isn’t very compelling. In tours we have more control of how the photos are presented and the result can be much more compelling than the same set of photos presented on the MLS.

I propose the we start using the flickr discussion group to get reader feedback on tours. Since tours have two distinct aspects: 1) quality of photography and 2) Presentation quality, I propose that we start using the flickr discussion group to give readers feedback on these two aspects of tours. Lets give each tour a 1 to 5 on quality of photography and a 1 to 5 on quality of presentation. Quality of photography is pretty obvious… no real explanation required. Quality of presentation is things like navigation, size of photos, and the whole experience that the tour gives of the home. Give your score to each as photography: <1 tp 5 score> and presentation: <1 to 5 score>. Indicate each tour evaluation as “Tour evaluation:” in the title. In addition to your score make comments on why you gave a high or low score.

The benefit of giving feedback on presentation is that this is a way of getting collaborative feedback on various tour formats.

I will kick the process off by submitting one of my tours for evaluation.

Comment on the process on this blog post and keep the comments on the tour evaluation to presentation and quality of photography.

What do you think?

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