A Video Ad For Real Estate Photography

February 27th, 2008

Here’s a nice little ad for real estate photography that reader Gary K Meyer sent me. This video is from the site: openhouse NYC: FLOORPLAN. I don’t have much background, but it sure is a nice little ad. Thanks for the link Gary!

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  • The Fong!

  • I think I’d like to send that to some of the realtors that just don’t get it!

    Well done.

  • Douglas Ljungkvist Website

    What sort of diffuser did he have on his flash? I think I have 2 of those in my cupboard, does anyone else use similar diffusers?

  • @Vince,
    That’s a Gary Fong diffuser that Douglas is using in the video.

  • Thanks Larry, I have 2 of them in the cupboard, A sales rep gave them to me to try out, I never ended up using them. I might try the out.

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  • Yes, that’s a Gary Fong difuser. I’ve been using one for some time for doing portraits of agents. It really helps reduce the harshness of the flash. Had not thought of using it for interiors.

    I’ve been using some “Omni-Bounce Units” from Sto-Fen Products to mimic a bounce flash in large homes with very high ceilings, often constructed of wood or painted a color other than white or off-white. They work quite well. I’d recommend them if you’re shooting these types of homes. Sto-Fen’s address is if you interested in taking a look. They are also pretty inexpensive.

  • The Diffusers really cut down on the flash range. I feel like I can throw light 15 – 20 feet with a 550ex. With a diffuser it is definitely under 10 ft. What Nikon Lense is that? The lens looks fisheye at the end.

  • Looks to me like the 14mm 2.8 Nikkor, I could be wrong..

  • If you are really cheap like me , here is a diffuser that works like the fong lightsphere:

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