Seattle PFRE Workshop: Featuring Scott Hargis Lighting Session

February 24th, 2008

Registration is now open for the Seattle Photography For Real Estate workshop on April, 25. Click here for the schedule and full details. Or click on the Seattle Workshop button along the top of the header image.

Scott Hargis has agreed to fly up to Seattle and present the first ever Scott Hargis Lighting with Multiple Strobe session. For those not familiar with Scott’s work, Scott has adapted the Strobist style (off camera, multiple strobe) of lighting to interiors. This style is ideal for real estate photography because it results beautifully lit interior images without a truck load of lighting gear.

In addition to Scott’s lighting session there will be a session on real estate photography marketing, post processing and equipment demonstrations by Glazer’s Camera Supply. Breakfast and lunch are included in the $100 workshop price.

This workshop is being organized by Ron Kenny (captainronsphotos in the PFRE flickr group). Thanks Ron for your leadership and hard work in organizing this workshop.

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12 Responses to “Seattle PFRE Workshop: Featuring Scott Hargis Lighting Session”

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  • Sounds like an awesom workshop.

    Any Aussies want to get together and chip in to fly Scotty over here!

  • Another aussie here that would be interested in meeting and learning from Scott..
    His photos and technique are awesome..

    Will the workshop be taped at all for us remote viewers to watch online?

  • Larry, I sure hope you can find someone to video the day. I’d be happy to pay for a copy!

  • Id pay for a Scott Hargis instructional DVD! Imagine how many you could sell on ebay!

  • Vince, you’ll get your wish — Thomas Grubba & I just spent two 18-hour days filming a DVD set on interiors. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but you can expect an announcement of a release date by late spring.

    Unfortunately there won’t be video of my portion of the Seattle workshop.

  • Great news Scott, cant wait to see your DVD. I am still laughing at the scene you described when you ran around the theatre with about 8 flash guns in your pockets shooting off into the dark corners like Yosemite Sam!!!

  • Scott your a legend! Ill buy a few copies when you realease your DVD! I reckon I could ditribute a truck load here in Australia! LOL Good stuff guys cant wait to see it.

  • I cant wait to purchase a copy also..
    You and Thomas are a fountain of knowledge keep up the great work..
    Please inform us all when the DVD is ready

  • I would pay for a Scott Hargis instructional DVD too. Please do let me know when is available.

  • Larry, just curious if there is still room available for the workshop?

  • Yes, as of March 14 there is still room in the workshop. I will take off the “buy now” registration buttons when the workshop fills up.

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