Canon G9- Sexy Little Pocket Camera With Big Camera Features

February 19th, 2008

OK, this is not about real estate photography but I can’t help it, I got a Canon G9 last week and I just love it! I wanted camera I could carry in my pocket that shoots RAW and shoots video. That has all the controls that my big-boy camera has.

The G9 is a wonderful little camera. 12-megapixel sensor, built-in image stabilization, Canon’s DIGIC III image processor, 6x zoom (35-210 equivalent) with a dial based design that lets you quickly access a variety of control- including a dial for changing ISO (80-1600). One cool feature I’ve never seen before is a real-time histogram display. The display and navigation on this camera is the best I’ve ever used.

This is not a real estate camera. Although I think this will be come my new PAP camera.

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3 Responses to “Canon G9- Sexy Little Pocket Camera With Big Camera Features”

  • I am jealous! I have wanted one for awhile now. The only problem is it won’t fit into my pocket (oh and it’s $499!). I suppose I can use a neck-strap. Hmmm and I have been saving a LOT of change in a bowl. I wonder if I have $499 in that bowl? Hmmmm….

    Thanks for posting your experience so far.

    I hear it’s kinda noisy at high ISO over 400 or so. That is to be expected for such a small sensor though.


  • I bought this camera but I haven’t been that happy with it. I just sent it into Canon because it has a very large spot on the sensor. Maybe when it gets back I will try to refamiliarize myself with it and my opinion will change. One thing that really bothers me in the blue color cast of the LCD. What’s up with this? I just bought an SD1000 ( more realistic for carrying while bicycling) and I seem to click with this simpler camera better. It’s a very cool little camera that does fit in my pocket.

  • Hi
    I have the G7 model and its a cracker and great for travel and the images are super sharp . Obviously not a work camera but great backup and fantastic when you go for holidays and don’t want to bother with a camera bag full of gear
    Would love the newer model though and some of you should thank your lucky stars at the USA price as in Australia its around the $750 mark

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