Hawkeye Media: Spectacular Aerial 360s, Videos and Stills

February 18th, 2008

Mark LaBoyteaux from Hawkeye Media posted a spectacular example of one of his aerial 360s in a comment on one of my previous posts on shooting aerial 360s. Note that this example is using FPP flash that can be displayed full-screen. Click the full-screen control at the bottom right control bar to go into full-screen mode.

Mark uses an electric helicopter. It’s called a Maxi-Joker2 and they’re made in Germany. Mark says:

“I’m using a Rebel XTi with a Sigma 8mm lens. Typically we’ll get around 12 frames for a 360 along with a nadir. More than we really need, but it ensures plenty of coverage. We also shoot some images from the ground to use for the zenith. The camera mount is carried underneath the helicopter, and once airborne, the skids retract giving the camera a clear 360 degree view. The helicopter has a gps receiver which helps us to hold an accurate position.”

I can’t help it, I’m blown away by this kind of photography. I was looking forward to using some low altitude aerial photography like Marks for a Lake Washington waterfront home we were going to list last year but we didn’t get the listing. Maybe next time.

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  • and he drives a black pickup truck 🙂

    or theres some suspicious group of characters that stand next to a black pickups with plywood in the bed at all the dallas parking lots.

  • Wow….good to see Mark get some exposure. He is always cutting edge. I have seen Mark’s work before and he has some super cool 360 images! I noticed on that Dallas 360 he has hot spots on it that take you around the city where he did other 360 to show a different view. Really impressive stuff. I know Mark usually uses one electric chopper, but I have seen his garage and trust me there is no room for cars. He has 3 or 4 choppers and they aren’t small. Some have motors the size of weed eater motors. I know Mark prefers the electric choppers now because they don’t make as much noise which is great for residential areas. Also the exhaust on the gas powered choppers would create a problem in certain situations because those motors require such high oil content.
    Mark also uses pole in certain situations and I have to thank him for helping build my pole that I use mostly for residential real estate.

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