Target Your Marketing To Only Best Prospects

February 15th, 2008

Based on some recent discussions about the real estate photographer marketing technique of attending real estate office meetings I’m becoming more convinced that the most effective marketing technique for real estate photographers is to do more targeted marketing.The thing that got me thinking about this is the fact that in the real estate offices that I’ve seen and worked in, the top listing agents usually don’t even attend office meetings. They are out doing deals! Of coarse the managing brokers don’t appreciate this but it’s a fact; when you present to an real estate office meeting you likely presenting to the newbies and buyers agents of the office. Managing brokers pretty much let their top producers do anything they want.I’m not saying that presenting to offices doesn’t work at all, I’m just suggesting that if you focused only on he top listing agents it would be more effective for the time spent.Getting a spreadsheet list of all the top listing agents in a given office is easy. All you do is go to the brokers site and count how many listing each agent has and order them by number of listings and price. While you’re doing this you can even flag the ones you think you could help them improve their photography. Do this for all the offices you want to target and then sort the whole thing by price, number of listings and need help flag and bata-boom, you have a list of your very best prospects sorted by order of importance.How do you market to them? Personal contact is all ways best. As M. James says in the discussion thread on this subject don’t forget that most of the top producers have a team of support people. If you call a top agent you’ll probably get a team member. Teams may have the authority to make decisions about photography. In either case try to get a few minutes for a personal presentation and portfolio review. Don’t forget to ask for the business. The top listing agents I know could keep a real estate photographer busy full time.Once you start doing a good job for some top listing agent referrals will take over and at some point you won’t have to market unless you want to increase your amount of business. Top real estate agents understand referrals because most get a large part of their business from referrals.

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5 Responses to “Target Your Marketing To Only Best Prospects”

  • Larry,
    You are making a lot of sense here. I’ve wondered about who attends the weekly meetings. Top producers; I don’t think so. More likely its the agents who need help and encouragement.

    But I don’t know about the ‘personal presentation’ part. Since I sell MLS photos and virtual tours, it seems I should be prepared to show off my best stuff using a “composite” VT as my primary presentation material. Any office will have Internet access. And that’s what I’ve been concentrating on. I’ve selected my best: fronts, backs, living rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms and baths and show them in one ‘composite” tour. I think this is what they want to ‘see’. And most likely, they’ve already seem many of these photos. I can’t imagine a top producer that hasn’t seen most VTs in their area.

    Presentation stuff on paper doesn’t seem to get it.

  • You physically meeting either the agent or the team is the important part. If they just want to see your work, sure, on the phone you can see my work at

    Agents are people oriented so personal is going to be most effective.

  • Larry. On the right track. From my 16 yrs in real estate sales, the teams where top producers DO attend meetings is where there is a focused TEAM approach to selling, and the contribution and training that the top producers can give to the newbies at their meetings. Often these meetings are when “role plays” are done.
    This is where the top guns tell the newbies how they do it. How they get their listing and use pros for photos and why.
    Unfortunately there are still a vast majority of top producers who think they or their PA can take “good enough” photos for their listings,.
    I have found that my success comes from spreading myself far and wide with all agents through database emailing and contact, and keeping your name in front of them. I know that sooner or later they will need me, and they call me when they are in a pickle, and need to impress the vendor.
    Working with a few top producers and getting all their work is nice to dream about, but I find that the little fish are sweet altho’ they might not bite that often!!!
    I concede I do have the benefit of knowing most of my agents from me being a competitor against them from my time in sales, so I do have a leg in.
    Anyhow, my 2 bobs worth!

  • I am in a special position. I work for a specific RE company and only do VT, Photography, websites and technology related training for agents at that company. We discount the cost of the services as a agent retention and recruitment tool. My office is right outside the main training and meeting room in my office. There are meetings and coaching classes going on in that room all week long so i hear allot. Allot of the time at our company meetings they do allot of pocket listings and buyer requests. As well as local vendors and RE related service companies come to pitch. I also get to meet every single new Realtor that comes to our firm and because of the special pricing for what I produce, I typically get allot of new business from them. I also have gotten allot of good referral business from the top producers to other niche agents that deal with allot of unique large homes, investors and REO Agents . Some Teams I work for have 40-60 listings, so this creates allot of business for me on a weekly basis between them all. And like you said about teams having support people… I have had team members call me to do work for them all the time, sidestepping the broker and the lousy photos they take of million dollar staged homes.

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