Two New Low-end DSLRs Announced At PMA

February 12th, 2008

During the Photo Marketing Association annual show (PMA) in Las Vegas Jan 31 through Feb 2 two new low-end DSLRs of interest to real estate photographers were introduced. Canon introduced the EOS Rebel XSi and Nikon introduced the D60.

So what’s the verdict on these two new DSLRs? Ken Rockwell says you are better off purchasing a D40 than a D60. See Ken’s in depth review here.

On the other hand it looks like the Rebel XSi many be worth waiting until it’s April 15 availability if you are considering purchasing a low-end Canon DSLR. See the in depth review at

As usual, I recommend that when purchasing a low end DSLR you purchase the body only option and purchase a lens that is more suitable for real estate photography than the typical 18-55m kit lenses that come bundled with low end DSLRs. See my Wide angle lens post for advice on what lenses are suitable for real estate photography.

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8 Responses to “Two New Low-end DSLRs Announced At PMA”

  • I’m going to upgrade my Rebel XT. Any thoughts on which would be a better choice XSi or the 40d?



  • If it were me I’d go with the 40D.

  • Please don’t forget about Pentax K200D as a low end. I know people tend to ignore anything that isn’t Canon or Nikon but hey! the K200D will be a great camera.

    (Ed, Larry… you mean the D40 (Nikon) and not the 40D (Canon), right?)

  • I meant the Canon 40d. I already have a sigma wide angle lens, so I need to stay with canon.

  • I wouldn’t call the 40D a low-end dslr. Though I never owned one, it can’t be really compared to the XSi (450D as it is called here in Europe) – it’s more like a semi-pro thingy, primarily for work. If the price tag doesn’t matter, the 40D would be the best choice.

  • The main difference between the 40D and the 450D is the faster framerate. Hard to justify it for real estate photo.

  • Another difference is the lack of a spot meter on the 450D. Do you consider that significant for real estate photography?

  • I purchased an inexpensive dslr last fall… a slightly used Nikon D100 w/ MD100, RRS L bracket, and Nikkor 18-55 on ebay for $460 US. WOW what a camera! Much cheaper used then when new. Although 2 generations old, much more useful than my p&s Olympus!

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