This Week in Photography: A Podcast Worth Your While

February 10th, 2008

There’s a great new podcast called TWIP (This Week In Photography) that’s being done by Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay. Scott and Alex are well known for their books and podcasts on the subject of Mac technology but they are both excellent photographers.

I’ve found many podcasts on photography difficult to listen to but Scott and Alex are refreshing to listen to.

TWIP in just in it’s third week of podcasting. I just finished listening to TWIP Episode #2 on the future of DLSRs. I think it was one of the best discussions on the subject that I’ve heard. It will appeal to all levels of photographers.

I’ve only had a iPod for about 6 months but in that time I’ve become a podcast and audio book junkie. It’s a great way to keep up on the tech world and “read” books. I see why Apple has sold over 100 million of these little buggers. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover the iPod.

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