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January 7th, 2008

I ‘ve talked about before but it’s been a while ago and I think it’s worth talking about again. gives real estate photographers a way to create simple flyers for print and online use. I think design wise, these flyers are as good or better than what 90% of Realtors are using.I used this last week when I was helping Levi re-list a 3 month old listing. The main thing I use vflyers for are to post all of Levi’s listings on Here’s what a vflyer for craigslist looks like. Of course this craigslist ad will expire in 7 days (like all craigslist ads) and the link won’t work then. But it will only take a minute next week to go copy copy my vflyer and paste it into the new craigslist ad I’ll make next week. A bonus of creating this craigslist vflyer is that by just checking a check-box vflyer will automatically post the ad on,,,,,, and I don’t know how important all these sites are but agents and sellers are impressed by having lots of ads around the net. In the Seattle area and are the most important non-broker sites.I know many photographers don’t like to fool around with this kind of non-photographic kind of thing but I believe this is a simple add-on service that photographers could easily make another $100 by simply providing a vflyer to their client in PDF form. A key part of this kind of template vflyer service would be to collect the real estate agents’ words for the vflyer. I could see having them fill out an online for the agent to fill out and send back to you.I am continually amazed that all the agents I know have never heard of let alone use it. Yet every time I show a vflyer to another agent or seller they are impressed with the format and usability. The seller for this home is a Microsoft employee and is using the link to advertise the home on the internal employee only Microsoft classified site. now has a mobile friendly version of the vflyer.I think if real estate photographers are not including flyers and uploading to online sites as an add-on service they are “leaving money on the table”.

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  • Larry,
    The first time you talked about vFlyer, I didn’t get it. Who needs help making a flyer I thought. Since then I’ve come around. I now believe this is a fantastic tool that makes professional looking flyers for use in many different Internet ads. I feel so strongly about it that I’ve included reference to vFlyers as an extra service on my website: I’ve used one of my best RE agents as a text case and gave her one for free. See it at:

    However, as I’ve mentioned about other services you discuss, this one isn’t exactly photographer friendly. By that I mean:
    There is a logistics problem with implementing vFlyers for multiple agents. When you open a free or subscription personal account (i.e., one for yourself), all vFlyers created under your account must have the same agent photo, logo, contact info, etc. There is no advertised way to serve multiple agents under one photographer (administrator) account. After contacting vFlyer, they do have an “Agency Edition service”. However, the cost seems prohibitive. So apparently I’m left with creating multiple free agent accounts that are limited to 5 active vFlyers. Still not a bad deal at all.

  • Mike,
    I’m forwarding your comments to Aaron Sperling, the CEO of

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  • I agree w/ this for the most part and have kept these guys in the back of my head for incorporating into my services as well. My current site has a template for generating a flyer that fits typical print dimensions, but looks like crap, thus the appeal here.

    Mike – good to know. What’s the cost of the agency addition service that you were quoted? I can see where that might work for a specific RE office, but yes, not necessarily for the photographer. Hrm…

  • When I was trying to rent out my place, I tried using VFlyer but I wasn’t very satisfied with it. Good thing it was free, or I would have wanted my money back. Here’s the thing- it looks professional and all that, but the format doesn’t do justice to the pictures. You’ve got one bigger pic, and three smaller ones with VFLyer. But, if you uploaded a ad directly onto craigslist, you can put up four bigger pictures, not just one.

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  • I looked at vflyer when Larry first mentioned it and I’ve occasionally seen samples of their ads on craigslist. While Josh is right that you’ve got less options with photos than a regular craigslist ad, the appearance of the ad itself is professional enough and different enough from the standard craigslist ad that it makes me take notice.

    I’d see a vFlyer ad as a portal rather than a destination – IOW, you use it to draw people to your MLS listing, YouTube video tour and/or single-property website rather than rely on it to do all the heavy lifting.

  • I like postlets much better. Their “Plus” option allows you to upload to upload up to 18 photos in a much larger format. They are just $5/listing…or you can get 10 for $30, or 25 for $50. That’s not much, just add it into your fee for the design service…

  • For an alternative try You are provided with many different template layouts/styles and you can create multiple agent ads under 1 account. Price starts at Free and your flyers are syndicated to top directories. Over 80% of flyers created also rank on the 1st page of Google for search phrases related to the listing. Comes with free virtual tours, slideshows, widgets, click-to-call, profile blog page which is also syndicated and a whole lot more. Check it out.

  • James Thomas: Who knew there are some many service possibilities? I’ve looked at website and don’t see how it might be photographer friendly, i.e., “multiple agent ads under 1 account”. Tell me more please.
    Right now I think Cherie Irwin’s suggestion is the winner; even if it doesn’t met my “photographer friendly” criteria. PostLets requires separate accounts for each agent. Each must have a separate email to activate an account. I have a way around that if anyone’s interested.

  • Mike, please share….

  • I have to agree with Cherie about postlets- it looks just as professional, and the pictures pop out more than the ads you see in Vflyer.

  • Yes, I have to agree with you all about postlets. It looks like a great product. I think I try it out. looks good too!

  • The new kid on the block is PrettyPosts guys!! They offer way more analytics then Vflyer and Postlets combined.. Keyword Searches, Traffic Sources, Map Overlay, View Count.. And at a much cheaper price..

    Check it out