The New Improved Real Estate Photographers Directory

January 3rd, 2008

I’ve re-thought and re-designed the Real Estate Photographer directory. What got me going on this project is a reader that is experienced in search engine fine points pointed out that the two previous forms I maintained the directory in (a google spread sheet and a PDF file) were not very search engine friendly. And to be able to pass along the benefit of this blogs high ranking for the search term “real estate photographer” to those in the directory I needed to have the directory as a page in the domain.
If you’ve not already noticed, when ever anyone in the world does a google search for the term “real estate photographer” or “real estate photography”, comes out on the top line, just under those that pay for the term. So, if I have a directory page that lists real estate photographers in that domain it will show up at the top of searches for real estate photographers. So, that’s what I’ve done. However my design problem was that had to fit the directory listing into the 500 pixels between the right and left side bars of the blog.

I decided that since the most important things for someone searching for a real estate photographer in their area is country, state and city and all the relevant links to their local photographers websites, so that’s all I’d put in the directory besides name. This is why I’ve used an abbreviated format. Besides I need to keep directory maintenance to a minimum. Potential clients can get everything else, like your specific service area, your specialties and your contact information directly from your website listing in the directory.
In the process of creating this new format I’ve gone over all the old directory listings and deleted the ones that didn’t have a website or the entries that did not have any examples of real estate photography. If you’re not serious enough about having a website that shows potential clients you work I don’t think you belong in a directory like this.

I haven’t decided how to handle the list of real estate/Interior photographers that is listed on the PFRE front page on the left side bar. Those that are there will stay there and have grandfather rights, but for now I’m not adding any more. It seems to be a fairly coveted space since I get requests all the time for people to be added. I may charge new for additions in the future, I’ve not decided yet.

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5 Responses to “The New Improved Real Estate Photographers Directory”

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  • Well done, Larry!
    I’ve gotten one or two clients who found me via the “old” directory, and one that is Google-friendly will be great! Thanks!

  • It’s working Larry – when I Google my biz name the top 2 results are your directory and a comment on the About Graphics Design forum from back when I was researching the logo.

  • …but no hit on my actual site 🙁

  • …and I think I found out why. I hadn’t closed the list of keywords with a full stop (period). That is, there was no period following the last keyword in the list (the tag was closed however />

    DreamWeaver would not display the keywords in the ‘properties’ palette until that period was placed.

    A search of my biz name was finding any site or forum where that name had been mentioned, but not my site itself.

    Now to wait. It only took a few days for Google to find the pdf I uploaded to my site just a few days ago.

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