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December 28th, 2007

Carol Lloyd has an article in the SF Chronicle on December 23 that describes a new product ( that allows you to easily create a slide show with a voice-over. Here is an example. And here’s another. A great presentation of a pretty nice pad. I could live there! For $150 you can create a commercial that promotes a property or business. As Carol points out this is inexpensive compared to producing a video commercial.

Vizzvox promotes the idea of narrating this kind of presentation yourself but my experience is there is a huge difference between a normal person doing the narration and a professional doing the narration. Our broker site used to supply professional narration of agent written scripts for each listing and Cathy, our professional narrator sounded awesome! But I couldn’t come close to Cathy’s reading of scripts that we wrote. I think it is well worth the $70 that Vizzvox charges to do a professional voice over. For upper-end properties I this this kind of presentation is superior to a video walk-through.

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  • i just wanted to say that these “span shots” popups are a REAL pain when reading your site.

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