Top 10 Photography For Real Estate Posts In 2007

December 27th, 2007

It’s a good time of the year to look at what worked well in 2007 and to plan how to refine focus to what works best in the coming year. So I was looking over the top PFRE posts for this year. To rank these I used a combination of traffic and comments. A low number of comments doesn’t always mean the subject is not popular, I just indicates it’s not very controversial. The top 10 posts for 2007 were as follows:

  1. Interior Lighting With Multiple Strobes By Scott Hargis
  2. Full Screen Flash 360 Panoramas- Are They Worth It?
  3. Proposed Real Estate Photography Code Of Ethics
  4. My Mission: To Straighten All Walls In The Realm
  5. Access To A Home For Shooting Photos
  6. Can HDR Processing Eliminate The Need For Lighting Equipment?
  7. Who Owns The Photos- Not All Realtors Understand Photo Licensing
  8. Lighting Alternatives For Real Estate Photography
  9. Tutorial On How To Light Room by Scott Hargis
  10. Monoslideshow Template For Lightroom

Scott’s Multiple Strobe post was by far the most popular traffic-wise because David Hobby over at Strobist did a post that linked to Scott’s post and the traffic went through the roof for several days in July.

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