Christmas Lights In Seattle – Christmas Header Image

December 24th, 2007

In Seattle, each night during the Christmas season a large Yacht with carolers (the Christmas ship) visit various public beaches around Lake Washington. Seattle boaters decorate their boats with lights and follow the Christmas ship to join in the festivities.

I shot the header photo above aboard the Shubumi, a large motor yacht, owned by a friend during a Christmas ship tour. This shot was taken on Lake Union looking South towards downtown Seattle. The Space Needle is on the right and the with it’s Christmas lights strung from the restaurant level to the top. There’s a small lighted boat just in front of use the the left of center. The lights in the sky are air traffic, some of which is in the traffic pattern for landing at Sea-Tac.

Shooting on a rocking boat in the dark a challenge. This shot is one of about 20 frames it took me to get this shot. ISO 800, F2.8 @ 1/6 sec. Taken hand-held in as close to the center of the boat as I could get to minimize port to starboard and fore and aft motion.

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4 Responses to “Christmas Lights In Seattle – Christmas Header Image”

  • beautiful image Larry. And your blog title really pops now with that unhindered contrast!

  • I have an image almost identical to this in color, exposure and composition that I took from Gasworks Park two years ago. Interestingly enough – I even have the EXACT same light patterns in the sky. I think those dots are not aircraft, but light reflecting in a weird way on the inside of the lens. Especially the horizontal pattern of a red dot followed by 4 green dots just to the right of the downtown buildings. We’ll have to compare images and figure this out.

  • Nice shot Larry! Merry Christmas!


  • Love the shot Larry,

    I just shot a Yacht… very tough! But shooting the skyline from a moving yacht is quite the trick, good work.

    My shot is over at my site on this page:

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