PFRE E-book Is A Worldwide Success

December 21st, 2007

It’s now ten weeks after I started distribution of the Photography For Real Estate e-book. It is very clear that demand for the e-book is very strong. I’m surprised, and gratified by the fact that it is selling well  worldwide. Around 50% of sales are in the US. Australia is a close second followed by Canada and the EU. I’ve even sold copies in South Africa and Mexico.

At first I wasn’t sure how popular the e-book form of distribution would be. I’m sure there are still many people that would rather purchase a more tradition book form. When I told my wife’s broker about the e-book she immediately said, “where can I get a printed copy?” This made me realize that I need to distribute it in a traditional form in addition to the PDF form, so I’m working on getting setup with on-demand printing so I can also distribute a traditional form of the book.

Interactions with people buying the book has made me aware of the fact that the majority of the people interested in Photography For Real Estate are photographers getting into doing real estate photography as a business. The current poll on the left side-bar illustrates the same thing. I’ve talked to a remarkable number of Realtors that are branching out and doing photography work for other Realtors. This actually makes great sense! Having a MLS key that gives a photographer the ability to photograph a home without having the listing agent present is a huge convenience that a non-Realtor doesn’t have.

I’m already working on a second edition that greatly expands the content of the book. I’m adding a chapter on how to get started as a professional real estate photographer and sections on multi-strobe lighting techniques, HDR processing, masking, how to shoot spherical panoramas and a number of other miscellaneous refinements improvements. One of the big benefits of the e-book form of distribution is that I can add to the e-book and get out a new edition in a much shorter time than with other forms of distribution. Thanks for all the support and advice in making the PFRE e-book a success!

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4 Responses to “PFRE E-book Is A Worldwide Success”

  • The e-book is great, but you can’t put an e-book on your bookshelf and it’s difficult to have a book signing party. 🙂

    Each photograph of real estate tells its own story. Larry, you do wonderful work!

  • Melanie,
    Thank you, Comments like yours make it all worth while!

  • Useful and interesting.

  • I’m looking forward to that chapter on getting started in the profession. I can often quickly wrap my head around the technical aspects of this stuff, but I’m stumped on how to actually create a business like this.

    Thanks for all your work on the site Larry; it’s a fantastic resource!

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