Save Big On Real Estate Tours By Using Lightroom

December 17th, 2007

Just the other day a real estate photographer friend was telling me how much it cost him this last year to provide slide show tours with each photo shoot he did. Including a good looking tour with each shoot is really a nice touch and I think contributes to building a client base. However, if you do 500-600 shoots a year, which he does, this can add up to some pretty big bucks. Lightroom to the rescue!

We’ve talked about all the smooth tours that you can do with Lightroom. The big sticking point with Lightroom slide shows is that there is no way to do agent branding built into Lightroom. Several months ago Michael Black showed us a elegant little branding box that he adds to the top of his Monoslideshows.

Inspired by Michael’s design I’ve added branding box to the top of the recently released SlideshowPro Lightroom slide show. Originally I thought it was essential to have this branding built into Lightroom but after doing some research on how to do that I’ve concluded, like Michael, that it’s so easy to just add your branding box to the top of Lightroom produced slide shows it’s really not worth the work to create a Lightroom template that would build it into Lightroom. Here’s generally how to do it:

  1. Create your Lightroom slide show and upload it to your site. ( you need some place on the web to store slide shows to do this) I’ve done this with SlideshowPro and it works equally well with Monoslideshow. I’ve not tested other Lightroom slide show templates. Note: for this branding box to fit nicely you need to set the size dimensions of the slide show in Lightroom to 700×442. This is done in the “Output settings” of the web module of Lightroom.
  2. While viewing my slideshoppro slide show in your browser “Save page as..”. This will create a copy of my indexB.html.
  3. Use a text editor to change the branding information in indexB.html.
  4. Get indexB.html into the same directory as your slideshow. Most hosting services have a web based application to do this.
  5. If you’ve done the steps above right you can now see the branded slide show by displaying indexB.html and the unbranded one, created by Lightroom by displaying index.html
  6. The beauty of this approach is you can use Lightroom to re-write the slideshow and indexB.html will not be touched.

So here’s the arithmetic of this approach. Lightroom costs $299, SlideshowPro costs $25 and you can get good web hosting with 600GB of storage for $6.95/month so in the first year this would cost around $400. You could provide huge numbers of slideshows very inexpensively (60,000 for about a penny apiece). Yes, there are bandwidth limitations for $6.95/mo hosting (6,000 Gig/month for mine) but it’s not likely you’ll run into this if you are hosting 500-600 slide shows.

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7 Responses to “Save Big On Real Estate Tours By Using Lightroom”

  • Lightroom Lightroom Lightroom, I am a Capture One user and enjoy the product. Capture One will be doing an upgrade soon and I will have to lay out some dough, so I keep going back and checking out Lightroom based on all the good input here. Has anyone ever had problems applying corrections to multiple fe images? I will go through the workflow of adjusting the fe photos for a pano ( 4 images ), process all scenes, go into the stitching program and find out that one of the 4 photos did not have the corrections applied. It was fustrating and I would uninstall. Does that ever happen to other LR users? Sorry for hijacking the post. I have an impulsive nature, and just want to be like everyone else. (on this feed)

  • John,
    Lightroom works well for making corrections to multiple images. For workflow for panos see:

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  • Sounds really easy. I like it. So, essentially, you could have a “saved” bramding page for each of the agents that you work for, right? Then, as you just add in the slideshows, upload to your hosting service, and that’s it…right? I have more questions, but I have to think about this a little more before I revisit this. I’ll be back with those later.

  • Cherie,
    Yes, once you initially upload a slide show Lightroom creates the folder you tell it to on you web server then you add the indexB.html file to the folder with whatever branding info you want in it (you’d have a indexB.html file for each customer and it could be called anything accept index.html). Then for any given customer folder if you access indexB.html the branded version will be displayed.

  • Nice and interesting post… I learned a lot and enjoyed reading this… Thanks!

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