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December 14th, 2007

William Baxter over at saw our last post on and asked us to take a look at UniqueHomeSites and give him some feedback from the point of view of photographers.

Click here or on the image to the right to see a sample UniqueHomeSite tour.

First of all is a Canadian only tour company. My suggestion to William was that, with the exception of the local school info, their tours would work and compete any where in the world. He said they are moving in that direction.

My assessment is that from a Realtor point of view has everything you’d need to be a complete real estate listing. I could see that for Realtors doing business out in some of the far reaches of rural Canada this kind of tour could easily take the place of the online presence that a broker site may provide in the more populated areas. looks every bit as good and is as complete as most of the broker sites I’ve seen.

From a photographer point of view I think the thing that is missing is the same thing that is missing from many virtual tour vendors: a format to make a well photographed property stand out from all the other competing listings. If I’m a Realtor that has a listing that is already on a broker’s website or on national and regional sites I want a tour format that goes way beyond what’s available on standard sites an will visually knock the socks off buyers. As I’ve proposed before the best way to do that is large images displaying automatically (without user having to do anything but go to a URL). Susanne Hayek recently showed us a good example of this kind of thing in the PFRE flickr discussion group. Susanne’s tour is (takes a little long to load but otherwise it’s very impressive). Here’s another by Everett Fenton Gidley. As we discussed in past posts on this subject, it’s probably preferable to have a way for viewers to take control (like this example) of an automatic slide show if the choose, but many will just watch.

If you have any other feedback for William, post comments below post for him.

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4 Responses to “ – DIY Full Featured Canadian Tours”

  • That is extremely professional looking. Any advantage in teh real estate market today is a BIG help!

  • Thanks Larry,

    I was browsing your site and what impressed me were the panoramics and the Pure Player panorama viewer.

    Are Immersive products popular with real estate photographers?

    It looks like we could easily support this format.

  • @William,
    Very few real estate photographers do 360VR (spherical/qubic panoramas) since it takes specialized equipment to shoot 360VR and a lot more time it is more expensive and typically only done on upper-end home because only the upper-end listing agents are the only ones willing to pay for the service. Real estate photographers that do 360VR are most likely going to host their own tours.

    I would say that 360 panoramas are not well suited for DIY tour creation. The only kind of panoramas I’ve seen done on DIY tours are cylindrical panoramas line you already support.

  • Looks like the Pure Player supports cylindricals as well.

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