SlideShowPro Released as a Lightroom Slide Show Template

December 10th, 2007

If you are into creating your own slide shows with Lightroom you will probably be interested in the new Slideshowpro template released by Dominey Design for Lightroom.

I’ve always liked the look of SlideShowPro slide shows but up until this recent release for Lightroom you had to have Flash and fiddle with XML files and it always seemed like more work than I wanted to put into making slide show. But now for $25 you can get a slide show template for Lightroom that will allow you to produce custom SlideShowPro slide shows from within Lightroom.

The feature I like about SlideShowPro slide shows is that you can make a slide show show full screen. I know, some people don’t like full screen media but I’m a sucker for media that displays full screen. Try it out with this example. Click on the little green full screen button on the extreme bottom right.

I’ve been planning to modernize the galleries on my site, I think I’ll use SlideShowPro.

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