Some Things Are Different Here

December 5th, 2007

I want to point out a few differences here in PFRE’s new home. As I said before the main motivation for the move was added flexibility. There were a lot of things I couldn’t do back at the old blog… like the Feedburner subscription sign up box on the upper right side. With the blog here I can do anything I want, including screwing things up. I’m the WordPress administrator now, with root privileges so I have to be careful.

I’m attempting to improve the organization. I’m moving all the links to RE photographer resources to the Resource page (haven’t done it yet, but will soon). Also, I’m going to add an “articles” page that will have all the down loadable PDFs. Hopefully all the stuff I have here will be easier to find.

In the move I had to delete the 2005 post from this site… because the wordpress import feature is limited to 2 MB. However, all the old posts will still be at the old blog. The old blog will go back to it’s original URL : when I figure out how to make that happen. Please tell me if you see anything I missed… I’m sure there’s something.

I just hope all these DNS changes don’t get the google-bots confused so I loose the good google ranking I had.

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12 Responses to “Some Things Are Different Here”

  • Larry, I really like the new look and feel of your blog. It’s more professional and polished-looking than before. If you’re worried about your Google ranking, here are a few points to ease you – I originally found your blog by searching for “real estate photography” and “real estate photographer” – you rank #1 for both terms and I think you’ll stay there for a couple reasons. 1) You’re using those keywords in your website domain. 2) You’ve got the same keywords in the Title Tags of each page. So your website’s name is pulling double-duty on the 2 most important and heavily-weighted aspects of a page’s SEO (search engine optimization) score. 3) Just as important, you have lots and lots of relevant content & links about real estate photography.

    What could you improve? I notice that your links/page URLs are now based on a Category number or Page number (?cat=24, ?p=203, etc.) I’m not a WordPress expert or user but I believe you should look into the WordPress Permalinks function ( It appears that this gives you the ability to customize the URL names of categories and page links so that you could use real words. For instance the Marketing category could go from “?cat=20” to “realestatemarketing”. This will significantly benefit your site’s SEO and search ranking. I hope you find this helpful. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I really enjoy your blog – it’s a wonderful resource, so I thought I’d give something back.



  • Larry, feel free to delete this second post, but I was surprised to see my first comment appear instantly after I posted it. May I suggest you enable comment approval/filtering to ensure that you don’t get comment spam or the like. Just looking out for you.



  • Rob,
    Thanks much for the tips on permalinks. Yea, noticed some new link features that were not in the administration panel of the old blog but the SEO implications had not sunk in yet. Thanks for pointing this out.

    On the comment spam, I am using the Akismet spam filtering plugin that seems to be working pretty good… it’s handled 72 spam comments in the first full day here. But you are right, I still have a number of increased levels of comment control left… so far it is working pretty well, much like the old blog, no spam comments yet.

  • Hi Larry,
    I love the beautiful image in your title banner. Site was very useful before, and it is now. On top of all that, it now has a professional look to match its great content. But perhaps your title would pop more with some heavier contrast. Positioning wouldn’t be as good as is now, but if the title was lower, on top of the darker color of the water, it would pop a lot. Thanks.

  • You’re right, It would be nice to be able to move the title around to work best with the image I’m using. I’ll put that on my list of things to do.

  • @Rob,
    Thanks for pointing out the issue with the permalinks. It turns out that the old blog had the permalinks named with date and postname similar to your suggestion so all the indexed and referenced articles disappeared when I first made the move. I’ve now restructured the permalinks the same as the old blog now so all the links to the blog from around the net work again.

  • The new template looks awesome… It’s a new dawn for PFRE. Looks pro.

  • The new template is awesome. What about Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. I think it’s a good read no matter what level of photography you’re at.

  • @Hojin,
    Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll add that one on the list.

  • Larry, the photo in the title banner is beautiful. What really impresses me is its sharpness. Do you have a secret technique?

  • @Jim,
    The only significant “technique” I used on this photo was a polarizer. This is a photo of a property we sold about 4 years ago in the Seattle area. The owner was a professional photographer that single handedly built this lake, grounds and home. He was very intent on having the lake “look stunning”. My first series of shots didn’t meet his expectations because I’d not used a polarizer and had too many reflections off the lake. So I came back to re-shoot the lake and grounds. This guy taught me the importance of using a polarizer. For equipment I was using a 1Ds with a Canon 16-35mm. I also took 360s of this property and the owner was very disappointed that I couldn’t find a polarizer that would work on my Sigma 8mm fisheye that I use for 360VR.

    As far as post processing this image, I did very little. As I recall , Lightroom adjustments only: a little curves adjustment, a little vibrancy increase and a slight bit of sharpening. Most of the look of this image is a result of the polarizer.

  • How on earth do we get to the Flicker discussion groups from here now???

    It used to be an easy to find link top right… now I cannot find it.
    (Larry’s Blog is my browser homepage, and I jumped to the Flicker group easily from here)

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