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November 30th, 2007

Shaun McLane (AKA Ekday Realty on flickr) initiated a thread in the PFRE discussion group earlier this week on the subject of making use of the fact that you can add a business to you facebook profile.

I must admit that I’m not all that into the social networking scene although I already had a facebook profile because my cousin Nik was on facebook and I wanted to follow some of his activities. Shaun’s point is that he has already gotten some RE photography business from his facebook business page by simply letting his facebook friends know about his business.

I’m interested in promoting this blog so I thought it would be a good way to get links from facebook to PFRE. I’ve heard that google “likes” links from social sites. So I built a facebook page for PFRE. I also found that 20% of my gmail address book were already on facebook so I invited all those folks to be “my friend” and become a “fan” of PFRE. I noticed today that the blog is already starting to get traffic from facebook.

I think Shaun is right, creating a facebook profile and business page is at least good website promotion and if you use it well it can bring you clients if you are a RE photographer or Realtor.

Feel free to become a PFRE fan if you are on facebook.

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7 Responses to “Photography For Real Estate on Facebook”

  • Thanks for the mention, Larry!

  • […] December 1, 2007 by Dustin …how easy it would be for an agent to set up each “listing” as a business in Facebook:  Photography For Real Estate on Facebook […]

  • I tired setting up a facebook business page , but first it asks you to sign up. as a person, not a business. Once I created the business page with opening hours and went back to my profile it seems to disappear into thin air. I’ve looked all over and can’t see it. How you create a landing page like Larry with opening hours is confusing

  • Yes, I agree. I find much about using facebook different and confusing.

  • The thing I can’t understand is Larry’s page allows anyone, regardless of network to see his page and there’s also a link that says “view”.

    On mine, only people in my network can see my page. Another real estate photographers page has “global” as their network allowing anyone to view but I cannot find any network labelled as just “global”?

  • @Phil,
    Shaun McLane ( may be able to answer your questions on this… he’s the main man on facebook. I don’t recall any option that controls who can see the page.

  • Facebook can be confusing, it is an up and comer with social networking sites. Your pictures are beautifully done!

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