How To Make 1 Flash Function Like Multiple Flashes

November 28th, 2007

Marcus Newey has a great tutorial in the flicker discussion group that explains how to shoot multiple shots with a single flash and then combine them in photoshop to create a well lit composite photo. Marcus’s animated GIF above shows the multiple shots and how they are combined into the final image.This is good technique for real estate photography since it can cut down on your equipment investment if you have the Photoshop skills necessary to do the compositing image.Thanks Marcus for this tutorial, I’d heard of this technique but have not seen it explained so well before.

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3 Responses to “How To Make 1 Flash Function Like Multiple Flashes”

  • It’s for sure really pedagogic for using multiple flashes, but cutting down on your equipment isn’t a valid reason: a used electronic flash and a cheap wireless trigger cost 50USD, a few are really well worth one hour behind photoshop.

  • Marc,
    The more RE photographers I meet the more I realize how diverse RE photographers are on the subject of lighting. Some would rather spend hours in front of PS rather than use strobes. At the opposite extreme some find doing any PS work offensive. And there’s people spread all in between.

  • Well we start with crap gear and work a techinque to cover the weakness.

    Then we know the techinque so tend to continue using it.

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