Do We Have Any Aperture Users Here?

November 25th, 2007

Jerry Swanson of Eagan, MN says: “… use the Canon 1Ds with Aperture. After ten months I still have not learned all the features. The Apple Store has experts to teach the program but one hour a week is not great. …I have been using Aperture and have found this a long learning experience.”

Is there anyone out there that has been using Aperture? I have a trial version of Aperture that came on my new  MacBook Pro but I’ve not run it because I’ve been so involved in using Lightroom. Can anyone give Jerry and others insight into using Aperture?

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2 Responses to “Do We Have Any Aperture Users Here?”

  • I used it for about a week. I think the file organization is better in aperture, but I just can’t pull myself away from LR and its sliders. Wish I had something to offer. Matbe these sites will help. Pulled these from bookmarks tagged aperture:

  • Shaun makes a great point although doesn’t say it directly and that is the very best way to learn to use a product or learn anything these days is to make use of the powerful learning potential of web collaboration that can be found in online communities. Find a online community that is formed around your subject or product of interest. It’s fast, inexpensive and you will get a broad point of view if the community is diverse.

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